What is a stroke?

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29 April 2016

Health - the most important thing in life.Many diseases not only cause trouble, but can seriously damage the existence of the sick and his family.Stroke - is one of those ailments.

Stroke is the central nervous system as a result of circulatory disorders in the brain.Neurons do not receive the full oxygen and nutrients die.Accordingly, a person loses some features, disturbed functioning of systems and organs.He at one point turns into a helpless and weak creature.

What is a stroke?

All around, too, are suffering, because now it is they have been responsible for the patient and care.As a rule, the treatment is very long and expensive, with no guarantee of achieving a positive result.So much easier and wiser to prevent a stroke than later to treat it.There are certain recommendations in this regard, but it should apply that knowledge in practice.

The first thing you should pay attention - a genetic predisposition.The presence of the disease in a family stroke fact indicates that the vessels of the brain to a certa

in extent are prone to failure.Such people need to carefully monitor your blood pressure and take medication to protect vessels.The normal level of pressure - 140/90 mm Hg, and any deviation from this figure should be taken into account.

If the pressure is constant, "galloping", it is not necessary to reassure themselves with the thought that all of this from a mental or physical stress.Therefore, you need to take some money to stabilize the pressure, and not to throw their reception if it was back to normal.

Upon delivery of biochemical blood analysis should look at the level of serum cholesterol.Its rate - 6.2 mmol / L.Statins and fibrates are able to stabilize this indicator.

There are simpler ways of preventing stroke.First of all, we should cut down the amount of salt intake and animal fats.These measures will help to significantly reduce the risk of circulatory disorders and avoid the wheelchair.Of course, abstinence from alcohol and tobacco smoking is also a beneficial effect on health, and prevent the emergence of a stroke.

healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and physical activity - fundamental factor in the prevention of stroke.Sport contributes to the enrichment of oxygen to tissues, increases resistance to daily stress and leads to normal vascular tone.This can be achieved by, and water treatments such as baths, saunas, swimming pools and a douche.

during exercise should work all muscle groups, especially the leg muscles.Very useful cycling, cross-country skiing, fast walking and much more.Do not forget to ventilate the room, providing fresh air and breathe deeply.Do not get involved dumbbells and replace a full gym housework or in the garden.It is much better to follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization, and to make daily one-hour walk at a normal pace.

However, walking and footwork - are not the only useful lesson.You can do even in bed, most importantly, do it regularly and systematically.Of course, not everyone is easy to force yourself to do physical work, but in the future, your efforts will pay off.

Along with exercise and mental exercise required.Ill constantly complain about poor memory, forgetfulness and distraction.It is not surprising, because people must constantly evolve, and if it does not, life processes and the metabolism slows down significantly.

Therefore mental gymnastics coach allows brain cells and keep them active.This, for example, reading the decision logic problems, crossword puzzles, playing chess, learning foreign languages, memorizing poems, and more.TV and radio in this regard is not so helpful.
Prophylactic drugs can also help prevent a stroke.First of all, you need to consult a doctor and pass the necessary tests, including blood tests and urine analysis for glucose and prothrombin index.

Prothrombin index will determine whether to receive therapeutic doses of aspirin, as is often done abroad and in our country.You can also check the availability of cholesterol in the venous blood.

important to remember, and the stabilization of blood pressure, which may contribute to taking certain medications.As a rule, they prescribe a course and significantly improve the microcirculation of the brain.

Be careful, keep a healthy lifestyle, eat right and get exercise.This will help you in the prevention of stroke.