Diet to lower cholesterol

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21 April 2016

This diet is usually practiced by people who have received advice from a doctor to lower cholesterol, to maintain the health of the cardiovascular system.

Therefore, all products can be divided into those that are explicitly recommended to exclude from the diet or limit, and those who actively removes cholesterol from the body.

Diet to lower cholesterol

To maintain this diet is very important method of preparing any food.From the frying should be abandoned altogether, the best stew, bake or cook all foods.It is important to avoid fatty sauces - mayonnaise, all oils (except olive).

All products belonging to food of animal origin contain harmful amounts of cholesterol, especially fats.So better to choose lean meat, poultry with the skin removed, and pork or beef fat is cut off before cooking.

offal and fish are sources of cholesterol, but the marine fish liver and contribute to its removal, and contain essential substances.Therefore, they need to enter into the diet once or twice a week, do not forget about the right way

of cooking.

Instead butter sauce is better to use lemon juice and spices.

egg yolk contains a lot of cholesterol, so more than two boiled eggs a week can not eat.We should not forget that the eggs are often found in baked goods and as an additive in many dishes.If you love them, try to eat proteins.

Sweets do not contain cholesterol (except for those that are prepared in butter), but contribute to its accumulation, therefore, it is important to use very sparingly and only in the morning.

Drinking coffee, alcohol, cigarette smoking is strictly forbidden for people who have problems with cholesterol levels.Therefore, it is important to eliminate them altogether at the time of formation of the normal level of the substance in the blood and subsequently consumed only slightly.