Women's haircuts for round face: short, fashion, what approach?

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15 April 2016

As a rule, all holders of the round type of person dissatisfied with their appearance.They were particularly annoyed by chubby cheeks, rounded chin and eyes, with a smile that stretched into a single fold.Of course, you can complain to old age, but why not take advantage of the situation?


content of the article:

  1. hairstyles named "Pixie"
  2. Haircut "Bob" in the French style
  3. "ponytail" for round face
  4. elegant cascade
  5. bangs to the side
  6. elongated ladder
  7. Haircut "A - Bob" with a bang
  8. Long hair for chubby girls
  9. General recommendations


fact that modern hairstyles for round face clean all external defects masksubtle flaws allow admiring his own reflection and get rid of the inferiority complex.The main thing - the right to decide on a model for that to listen to all the recommendations of a professional stylist.The options can be a great many, but attention should be paid to the most common and popular model.

hairstyles named "Pixie»

There was a misconcepti

on that short hairstyles are not suitable chubby girls give as complete, obesity, volume.In fact it is not, and even the most progressive today pixie haircut for a round face would be the ideal option.It is not just rejuvenate image, but visually reduces the volume of the cheeks and chin make more elongated.The person eventually will seem noticeably thinner, and the created image will give its owner an element of elegance, femininity and lightness.

secret of this hairstyle is a highly raised his head, while the volume from the cheeks is required to completely remove.Thus already benefited from Pink, Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry and Rihan, the stars look as always charmingly.

Haircut "Bob" in the French style

this hairstyle has opened the world of fashion and trendy choppy Paris, which appreciates all exquisite, majestic and elegant.So haircut "Bob" on short hair is the so-called "classics" and a favorite model of many French women.For a round face is the best option, because the raised neck gives the face angular features, the lack of volume conceals swollen cheeks and bangs on the side of the distraction is not quite presentable nose potatoes.

This extravagant haircut was brought to life in one of the images of Anne Hatuey, Lindsay Lohan, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and Shirliz Theron.It looks presentable, especially if you combine the image of the classic style of dress, as adhere to strict French.

«horse tail" for round face

Women's haircuts for round face is very difficult to impose, as a new way to feel the need to, get used to the role, so to speak, and choose the appropriate wardrobe.Passing such conditionality will help classic hair "ponytail" long hair that has no age restrictions, stylistic trends and does not require a specific structure of the hair.

gathered at the nape of the tail visually narrows person conceals a couple - three years, with the looks harmoniously as in the ensemble of the classical style, and in the creative style of clothing.Many stars of blue screens have personally convinced of this, so it's time to learn from them, and completely get rid of their old complexes.

elegant cascade

Cascade - it's the haircut on the full round face that does not always looks well.In this case, it depends on the landing eye, nose shape, and the completeness of the cheeks.If a person is prone to be overweight, then the model hairstyles are best left, especially in the case of wavy hair - it looks ridiculous.

If the girl has straight hair, while the forehead is not high, and oval face round, you can try step cascade.In this case, the neck should be raised, and on the cheeks down the minimum amounts of hair.You can weave where dark stripes combined with blond locks, giving the face angular facial features.

bangs to the side

Long and short haircuts for round face perfectly complements the bangs combed to the side, which hides half of his face, tightens its form, gives a mysterious form of its owner.To create such hairstyles you can use hair of different lengths, but the best option becomes a stage on the average length of a side parting and bangs combed to the side.

the way, is a good way to grow hair, tighten them, or just to sleep at night with the braids on her wet hair.The secret oblique bangs, which closes one cheek, giving the face angular features.In this way you can often see the notorious actress Drew Barrymore and Lindsay Lohan - looks inimitable.

elongated ladder

If we talk about these Hollywood stars, the women often change their way, experimenting with styles of dress, are in constant creative search.Do not forget they are about the classic "ladder", which looks spectacular on long hair.The secret again in the design of bangs, which should also be trimmed ladder, to cover part of his face, his narrow circular.

choose a model Emma Stone and domestic singer Valeria.You can clearly see how changes radically round face.What hairstyle will suit even owners of round faces?

Haircut "A - Bob" with a bang

progressive implementation of this type of hairstyles for round faces begins with vystriganiya neck, the length of the front curls should reach the chin.Such bold lines emphasize the contours of the face, cheeks and visually cheeks will be removed, and the line fringe half-face visually reduces its radius gives an oval shape.

So little secret has benefited from well-known actress Torri Spelling, who since his youth was very nervous about their specific appearance.

Long hair for chubby girls

If the girl has straight long hair and round face, she very lucky, because in its way everything is in harmony.Indeed flowing curls to her shoulders give the face oval;but in order to emphasize the cheekbones, it is time to execute the ladder locks forward, starting with the area of ​​the cheeks.

It is this image has become customary for Mila Kunis, who, as we know, is also a happy owner of a round face.

General recommendations

Choosing Trendy hairstyles for round face, it is recommended to remember the following rules to help create a harmonious way:

  1. Important elements of hairstyles: covered cheeks, the lack of volume in the cheeks, the increased volume of the neck, vertical lines, obliqueor straight bangs, side parting.
  2. wavy hair should be decorated with soft curls of medium length.
  3. Using oblique bangs allows you to narrow down the face, make it an oval shape.

However, there are nuances that need to be avoided when choosing a new hairstyle at the round face.Among these prohibitions is to provide the following:

  1. Small ringlets and curls make the face even larger than it is.
  2. sharp lines around the cheeks and cheekbones visually expand the face.
  3. Monochrome painting also welcome.
  4. parting and horizontal lines make the face broad.
  5. Volume bangs in such a manner as irrelevant.

order not to make the wrong choice, it is advisable to contact a qualified technician, who will pick up individually stylish haircut for a round face.It is not always that nice in the picture, will look spectacular in reality, so no examples of Hollywood stars are always in demand.Only by studying the specifics of the exterior, you can say with certainty what goes round face haircuts.

Today hairdressing dominated by the most unexpected of shapes and styles hairstyles, hairstyles for round faces, which not only emphasize all the advantages of an open and good-natured appearance, but also discreetly hide all the flaws and shortcomings.With proper use of their knowledge and skilled professional work you can get a great image that will be out of competition.