Fitch: care and maintenance at home

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31 March 2016

Ferrets have long been pets.Thanks to the care and maintenance of the ferret is simple, you can try to settle at the animal.It has funny habits and loves playing with his master.That is what most attracted.However, it should beware, because during the game to let the ferret can input teeth and sharp claws.Before a decision is made about the content of a ferret at home, keep in mind that it will require a lot of attention.If he is free to move around the apartment, you just go past it will not turn out.It can cling to the legs and clothes to play with him and pet him.


content of the article:

  1. Proper maintenance
  2. Terms care ferret
  3. necessary vaccinations

Fitch: care and maintenance at home

Proper maintenance

Keep this petIt can be in a cell or in free circulation.Each option has its own characteristics.Here it each for himself must choose how to keep a ferret home.For the animal is more convenient version of the free movement, because it requires a large space for the game.In addition, these anima

ls are easily accustomed to the tray.They are pretty cleanly.However, this content ferret can be a burden for the residents of the apartment.He is considered burrowing animals, so will hide in any cracks and hiding places that are only able to find.Such content ferret in an apartment and it is not desirable because of the fact that he likes to chew on things.It can Pozar furniture, plastic, wood, rubber, etc.

to pet brought no major problems and concerns, maintenance of the house might ferret in a cage.It is desirable that it was large and spacious.The animal should not be crowded.We must try, as best we can build a cage.To do this, it needs to be thought out several major areas.One of them should be completely hidden from the people.In this zone, you can place a small house where the ferret will rest.The second area is to be designed for the game.Another area - for a meal.Be sure to separate the toilet should be.Care and maintenance of domestic ferrets must be complete, so it is good to consider the location of each zone.A good option - make the location of the cells in a few stories: with ladders, pipes, rings, etc.In this case, the animal will be able to play and climb as he likes.When equipment

cells should not forget about the floor, a role which may make the soft tissue.Place the bowl and here it is necessary to feed the ferret, water bottle and the tray.Sharpen its focus should be on the material of which is made cell.It is best if it is made of grid construction, of which the ferret will not be able to break your teeth.Just learn how to keep a ferret and creating the conditions for it, you can start it.

Rules ferret care

ferret care is reduced to the following rules:

  1. Regularly trim your pet's claws.Usually they are very sharp.In addition to being a ferret may scratch his master, he can hurt himself when the will to cling to fabric.Trim them need special pliers to do no harm.
  1. With pet should always walk, that he honored the love and attention.Caring for ferrets at home as a game should be done, regardless of where they live: in a cell or in free movement.
  1. Ferret need to educate.Be sure to stop attempts bites during play.Ferrets tend to defend their territory, so all of this manner he did not get rid of, but just bite will be gone.
  1. Regularly clean the tray, otherwise unpleasant smell will spread throughout the apartment.
  1. Ferret can bathe occasionally, but do not do it more than twice a month.You can use special shampoos.Swimming can be a real distraction for the ferret, if you put it in the bath toys.After this procedure, be sure to ferret dry and clean his ears.This will prevent his disease.

necessary vaccinations

Care ferrets house requires the presence of mandatory vaccinations.These animals can suffer from various diseases.Even despite the fact that the pet will live in the house, he can pick up a virus through clothes or shoes masters who came from the street.That is why in addition to how to care for a ferret, it should be vaccinated, since the age of three.This should be done in a veterinary clinic.Usually used for this vaccine for dogs, such as "Trivirovaks", "Geksadog" or "Nobivac."They prevent the disease plague.If the animal had any signs of the disease, should immediately go to the vet.Everything can be very serious.

Typically, the ferret does not cause too much trouble.If you fall in love with this animal, you care for will only be enjoyable.