Gooseberries: planting and maintenance in the spring varieties, crop than the process?

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31 March 2016

most unpretentious and rich in harvest berry bushes considered gooseberries.Planting and care rarely cause difficulties.One bush can grow and bear fruit for over 40 years.But he was pleased to harvest and berries were big and juicy, you need to know some of the subtleties of care and to prepare for the season.How to care for gooseberries spring planting and crop right?


content of the article:

  1. best varieties of gooseberry
  2. Gooseberries: planting and care
  3. Pruning gooseberry spring
  4. Processing gooseberry spring

Gooseberries: planting and maintenance in the spring varieties, crop than process

The best varieties of gooseberries gooseberry

Planting spring begins with the selection of varieties.Not all gardeners know that to get a good crop, you must have several varieties in the area, located close to each other.

All gooseberry varieties can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. North American.Valued for its high resistance to diseases.But berries are medium-sized, the yield is not very high.Bushes have good riser and a large number of shoots.
  1. Western European.Suffice capricious varieties are afraid of severe frosts and demand quality care.Valued large and sweet berries.Bush does not give a lot of shoots, and multiply European varieties difficult.
  1. Domestic hybrid.The best varieties of gooseberries for the Moscow region and the middle band.Characterized by high winter hardiness, ruggedness and good fruiting.

Also, when selecting varieties should be given preference to species that have little or no spines.They are easier to clean and easier to harvest.Gooseberry varieties with lots of spikes better used as hedges.

best varieties of gooseberries for suburbs:

  • • Gingerbread Man;
  • • Spring;
  • • Pushkin;
  • • Russian Yellow;
  • • Reliable;
  • • Captain;
  • • Malachite.

on your choice early, medium and late varieties of gooseberries to feast on berries throughout the summer season.

Gooseberries: planting and care

Care and cultivation of different varieties of gooseberries do not differ among themselves.The shrub grows well in any soil, even on heavy, clayey, sandy.Negatively only responds to acidic and waterlogged soil.But in order to get a good crop, it is best to choose a place with an easy and nutritious soil.It is important to place planting gooseberries was sunny, then the berries are sweet and large.

How to plant in spring or autumn gooseberries:

  1. necessary to dig a hole, sized to fit freely rootstock seedlings, and they can be spread.
  1. In the center of the bush is established, sprinkled a small amount of compost.You can add a glass of wood ash.It is important that seedlings neck was buried no more than 5 cm.
  1. covered with soil extracted from the pit.
  1. Seedling must be good to shed water.
  1. top you can sprinkle sawdust, straw.

for branching bush can immediately carry out pruning gooseberries and shorten the tips of the branches so that the AGL has no more than 5-10 cm. Thus, the plant would start soon and will give a large number of shoots.The distance between shrubs should be at least 1.5 meters.

gooseberry Care is regular watering.Shrub pushenie responds well to the soil, but it should be done carefully, without going into the ground for more than 5 cm.

Pruning gooseberry Pruning

spring - one of the key points in caring for gooseberries.It is necessary to get rid of tainted and diseased shoots, thinning out of the bush and preventing thickening.Excess shoots are most often the cause of fainting power, deterioration of berries and a gradual decline in yields.In addition, under the canopy accumulate surplus moisture and creates a favorable environment for the development of fungal diseases.

As spring crop gooseberry correctly:

  1. thinning bush is better to make prior to the movement of juice.In the middle zone is March.
  1. primarily removed damaged curves, the sick and dry shoots.Then, from the remnants of the formation of the bush is made.
  1. bush can be formed multicore or on trunks.The choice depends on the variety and its riser.

scheme trim aesnoy on trunks:
Gooseberries: planting and maintenance in the spring varieties, crop than process-2

formation of clusters on trunks are well suited for tall varieties.Easier maintenance, bush turns neat.It is convenient to care for and harvest with spiny varieties.But the number of berries with such pruning diminishes.

Pruning gooseberry bush in the spring:

Gooseberries: planting and maintenance in the spring varieties, crop than process-4
Formation for undersized bush gooseberry.The optimal number of the branches 25 adult plants, and they must be of different ages.Harvest accounts for runners aged from 3 to 7 years, therefore, need to prepare in advance for a substitution.

Processing gooseberry spring

Care gooseberries early spring is machined from diseases and pests.Before the process gooseberries early spring, you need to collect all the diseased branches after pruning, garbage under the bushes and burn.Loosen the soil under the gooseberry.

most common problem - a gooseberry mildew on.It refers to fungal diseases and does not go very often leads to the death of berry bushes.The treatment of the spring gooseberry mildew can be made with copper sulfate.For this solution is prepared with the addition of soap, producing spraying.At 100 grams.soap and a bucket of water will need 10 grams.vitriol.Good help processing ash, mullein infusion.You can also use chemicals that are sold in specialty stores.

Many problems are solved processing gooseberry in the spring of boiling water.It kills fungal spores, bacteria and enhances disease resistance.Processing is necessary to conduct early spring, as soon as the snow melts.It is necessary to boil a bucket of water and pour a bucket bush.It is important not to stop long in one place, not to make the burn crust.The optimum time to 5 seconds on each branch.If the root system is high, it is desirable podstelit under gooseberry plywood sheets, slate or film.

competent care gooseberries Spring - the key to getting a good harvest.Prevention of pests and diseases will not take long, but significantly reduce summer chores and eliminate the obvious problems.