Biowave Hair: reviews of biochemical perms

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05 April 2016

Biowave hair - salon treatment to create curls.You can use it to make a charming curls and permanently forget about the need for daily styling.In contrast, permanent waving, hair biochemistry does not harm curls.And with qualitative performance, can improve not only the appearance, but the overall condition of the hair.About Biowave hair a variety of responses, from enthusiastic and laudatory, but neutral or even negative.Why such different opinions about the biochemistry of hair, and that affects the result?


content of the article:

  1. difference from perm
  2. Pros Biochemistry
  3. Contraindications to the procedure
  4. long hair and curls
  5. What keeps biozavivka hair
  6. Biowave homeconditions
  7. Installation and Care after the procedure

Biowave Hair: reviews of biochemical perms

difference from perm

permanent Normal chemistry is based on the structure of the hair-destroying agents.After it locks beyond repair and need to be shear.Despite the fact that there are elastic hair, hair becomes dull, brittle and dry.

biochemical perm hair is done using a special composition, which has no corrosive components.Funds contain protein, fruit acids, vitamins, extracts from plants, algae.These components are protective of the hair, nourishes and regenerates.Hair looks shiny and remain soft.

Pros Biochemistry

  1. create curls without damage to hair damage and weakening.
  1. hair length does not matter.Biozavivka Suitable for short hair, medium and long.
  1. Eventually locks straightened and the hair acquire an initial appearance.Contrast band transition, after the permanent chemical remains.
  1. create volume, can be an excellent option for women with sparse and thin hair.
  1. facilitates laying, especially if the hair is unruly and sparse.


This procedure is contraindicated biozavivka Hair:

  • • Pregnant and lactating women;
  • • Children and adolescents.

If you are using a mask for hair treatment with silicone, it is necessary to postpone the procedure for a few weeks until he will wash out of the hair.Also, do not do biozavivka hair if hair coloring Henna conducted.Most likely, the expected result will not be.

long hair and curls to

locks looked beautiful, it is important to choose the correct diameter rollers.Do not make large curls in the short hair.They will not be seen, and the hair will get only a small amount.More suited to large biozavivka long hair.Too small curls of hair to look casual and can be entangled.Biochemistry hair medium hair can be both small and large.When Biowave hair large curls need to know that the spiral would be less resilient and will quickly lose their shape.
Biowave Hair: reviews of biochemical perms-2 Biowave Hair: reviews of biochemical perms 3

What keeps biozavivka hair

unequivocal answer to the question, how much is kept biozavivka no hair.In some women curls retain its original shape up to 5 months, others a few weeks to forget that they were.

resistance depends on the following factors:

  1. the right technology and the quality of the composition (or the wrong selection).
  1. the Source hair.If they are dry, discolored and brittle, it is not worth waiting for stable result.
  1. long hair.The shorter they are, the longer locks are held.Conversely, under the weight of long hair spirals are forced to stretch and straighten.

If your hair is weak and the sick, before the procedure, it is desirable to take a course of treatment, to cut off split ends.And to curl lasted as long as possible, to help correct care of hair after biozavivki.

Biowave home

If you look at reviews of Biowave hair in Minsk, Moscow, Kiev and other major cities, you will notice that the cost of the cabin is much higher than ordinary chemistry.And the price is not limited and can go to a decent amount, especially if the hair is long and thick.Not every girl is ready to give that kind of money.The alternative - biozavivka hair at home.

What you need for waving:

  • • Curler desired diameter (bobbins);
  • • Composition irons;
  • • Neutralizer;
  • • Shampoo for deep cleaning;
  • • Comb;
  • • Sponges for the application of funds;
  • • Gloves.

How to biozavivka Hair:

  1. necessary to wash the hair with a special shampoo deep cleaning.It is removed from the surface means for laying dust, grease, cuticles reveal that it has penetrated the composition.
  1. hair after washing slightly dried with a towel, comb and covered with a small amount of the composition for curling.
  1. wind the bobbin.It is important that stranded strand no thicker than her curlers and tightly covered.You also need to carefully wind the tips to avoid creases formed.
  1. When all the hair is wound, it is necessary to re-cover their composition.At this time, carefully promachivaya.The holding time depends on the composition of products, an average of 20 minutes.
  1. After the allotted time you need to wash the composition does not spin curler.Wet towel.
  1. Apply a little over a catalyst curlers and stand still for 15-20 minutes.
  1. Release the hair from bobbins, good wet converter.Withstand 10 minutes and rinse.Apply hair conditioner.

Biowave hair at home - the procedure is simple.To get a good result it is important to follow the exact instructions and can withstand the time that it indicated.
Biowave Hair: reviews of biochemical perms 5 Biowave Hair: reviews of biochemical perms 4

Installation and Care after the procedure

Many girls are concerned about how to style your hair after biozavivki.In fact, this is no big deal.It is enough to apply a small amount of gel, foam or mousse on your fingers and go through the locks.They gain curves and beautiful shine.And so they held out longer, you need to know some of the features.

Hair Care after biozavivki:

  1. It is advisable not to wash your hair the first 3 days.
  1. refuse for a time from the tight elastics and bobby pins, try to keep the curls in a free state at least a few days.
  1. regularly to make masks with silicone, which will increase the life of curls.

Biowave hair is considered sparing procedure, but do not do it more than 1 time in 6 months.Also, do not neglect special care and feeding.What would be the results of any promised biochemistry, beautiful ringlets possible only in healthy hair.