Types of hair extensions: short hair, reviews, harmful if

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04 April 2016

women - and almost every fashionista dreams of long shiny and luxurious hair.But due to certain factors, not all can boast this wealth.Previously, this problem solved wigs, but now a little differently - just spend hair extensions for short hair, and if necessary long.


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  1. Where are Hair Extensions
  2. Types of hair extensions
  3. Italian hair extensions
  4. microcapsule hair extensions
  5. Hair cold
  6. Tape hair extensions
  7. Hair on Tress
  8. Ultrasonic hair extension
  9. Hair: reviews

Types of hair extensions: short hair, reviews, harmful if

Where are Hair Extensions

question about where to take the hair for hair extension, is always half will remain a mystery.Basically, they buy them in women who are tired of their scythes, and the ladies of Asian countries where the standard of living is that women use every opportunity to make and sell their beautiful hair.

Nonetheless been speculated that the hair also comes from prisons, morgues and asylums.Of course, nobody will scream loudly will not.Therefore it is be

st to do her hair in salol enjoying great popularity.Oh, and do not skimp on materials.

Types of hair extensions

There are many types of hair extensions, but they are divided into two groups according to the technology of: hot and cold on the way to securing donor to your natural locks.

Hot or else it is said capsule hair extensions occurs by using a special resin and keratin, which together form the capsule.It is melted by using special thermal pliers and connected to your natural hair.

These include the following types of building:

Italian hair extensions

This method has a lot of fans.Hair divided into strands and then it is pasted to the donor, located on special capsules of small size.The capsule is 1 cm from the hair root, and then melted keratin making up the capsule, a special device, thereby connecting and your donor hair.

microcapsule hair extensions

In this case, capacity is due to the merger of smaller capsules and strands.This is an excellent option for short hair extension.Moreover, the small size of capsules involves minimal thermal effect, which is beneficial to the hair.

Types of hair extensions: short hair, reviews, harmful if-3 Types of hair extensions: short hair, reviews, harmful if 2
English build

way to build donor strands identical to the Italian, but their attachment occurs by means of a thermal gun and glue to build.

Hair cold

This technology involves fixing your donor strands without use of any chemical agents, and without high temperatures.All strands are connected by means of rings disposed on adhesive tape on the adhesive and capsules etc.Adjustment is carried out in 3 months.At the same time the increased locks removed and in their place is secured new.

Spanish build

technology provides mounting strands using a fixative and a specially developed adhesive.This allows you to form a very small size of spikes that are invisible on the hair.

Tape hair extensions

Yet it is called in such an unusual word like bonding - bonding adhesive way trusts.It is the most popular method of hair extension of their own and pretty quick.Donor locks are located on the strap.Divide hair on the head of the horizontal parting, and then these places are glued tape using a special adhesive mass.Generally, reviews of tape hair extension generally positive, but still worth uschityvat and the fact that the adhesive is a synthetic product and can harm your hair.

Hair Tress on

This is the first method of hair extensions, and he appeared about 10 years ago.Previously it was used mostly on the set.In order to give the acting head of hair volume.That is why this kind of capacity is called "Hollywood Hair Extensions."Initially strands fastened with a special adhesive tape, which is why the resulting beauty was impossible to comb.In addition, during the filming of the tape often came unstuck, which also brought inconvenience.

Now the technology is perfected.Its essence lies in the fact that the first donor selected strands of color.Then head along the weave braids to which strands are sewn with special threads.It is because of braiding method became known as Africa.

Ultrasonic hair extension

technology of the present hair extension is identical to the Italian capacity.But it refers specifically to the cold type fastening, since the capsule with donor strands are not melted by heat and ultrasound.

advantages and disadvantages of building

as positive aspects of the procedure for the release:

  1. Increased shag 2-3.Particularly interesting will build the ladies with a very rare and fine hair.
  2. This is a wonderful way to spend a coloring without staining, because you can build a few strands of the desired shade.
  3. In a short time you can change yourself beyond recognition, making your hair longer than 70 cm.
  4. procedure allows you to make not build on his head, and zonal, for example, on the back of the head or in the temporal region.
  5. accrual basis, you can correct the unfortunate haircut.
  6. You can also hide ugly burns or scars, visible with a short haircut.


  1. Harmful procedures, especially if it is performed by hot hair extensions.Not to mention that when removing pryadok chemicals brought irreparable harm to the hair.
  2. capsules that are attached strands are not visible, but if you hold hands on the head, they are easy to find.The same applies to the metal clip.
  3. no possibility to tie your hair in a ponytail.
  4. at night will need to braid hair in a braid or ponytail to do.
  5. Eventually, when the hair grows back and you do not have time to make a timely adjustment, increased locks will not be merged with the overall weight, and will be allocated individual strands.
  6. first time after the hair extensions will be uncomfortable to sleep, you may be dandruff and itchy scalp.
  7. use the sauna, steam bath or have a swim in the sea with extreme caution, since the donor locks may deteriorate and strongly entangled.

Types of hair extensions: short hair, reviews, harmful if 4 Types of hair extensions: short hair, reviews, harmful if 5


procedure is not carried out with a strong hair loss, baldness, vascular dystonia, chemotherapy, increased sensitivity of the skin, while taking hormone pills or potent antibiotics.

Hair: reviews

reviewed the capacity varied: from the enthusiastic to the negative, depending on the type of procedure.Therefore preliminary it is necessary to visit a few salons and consult with experts.