How to make hair thick (means)

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04 April 2016

desire to be beautiful and desirable characteristic of every girl, girl, woman, regardless of age, profession and lifestyle.In this desire not least is the problem of how to make hair thick and attractive.


content of the article:

  1. main methods of care haircut
  2. Means for hair care

How to make hair thick (means)

amount of hair on the head, as well as their color and ripplelargely depends on hereditary factors and usually determined visually.For those who find it difficult to define at once, there are several methods available, how to determine the thickness of hair.It's enough to tie long hair ribbon and measure the length which is needed to embrace the resulting tail.

  • • If the interval is less than 5 cm, the hair is sparse and it is desirable to take measures to hair became thicker.
  • • When the tape length of 5 to 10 cm - the density of the medium, in which you can also make your hair thicker and thicker.
  • • The thickness of the tail more than 10 cm, gets lucky that, on the contrary, often compla
    in that they do not know what to do with a mane.

With short hair density of hair at home is determined by the width of the parting.Than it is wider and lighter forms, the less hair.

If your hair is rare for the entire length of the hair, it is a hereditary quality and to ensure that they become dense almost impossible.Successful haircut and styling, use a good conditioner and regular shampoo - these are the main ways to make thin hair thick visually.You may want to increase the density by artificial means, such as hair extensions.

The most dangerous situation is when the thickness of the tail is changing dramatically, and narrowed down.This suggests that the quality of data of natural hair is not getting needed care, and the problem of how to get the hair density, should be immediately addressed.

main methods of hair care

Asked whether it is possible to make hair thicker, to find the answer obtained only in practice, organizing your hair care, healthy food, and a comfortable existence.

Under proper nutrition means not only masks and balms for the hair, it is necessary that the body receives the necessary number of useful substances.Subject to strict diets, especially deteriorating condition of the hair, skin and nails.How to make your hair thicker?It is necessary to include in the diet of foods containing protein, magnesium, fatty acids, vitamin C (fish, meat, eggs, nuts, spinach, avocados, flax seeds).Once or twice a year to spend on drink a course of vitamins, such as vitamins for pregnant women.

comfortable existence for hair associated with a healthy way of life.The absence of stress, adequate sleep, fresh air (except for the hot sun and cold weather) directly affect the health of the hair.If there is a problem, how to restore hair thickness, the correct mode may be enough to stop hair fall and regained their natural state.

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Care - a shampoo, combing and how to create everyday hairstyles.

From how often, and how to clean the head depends not only appearance, but also the condition of the hair.How many days to wash my hair, everyone decides for himself.For oily hair - it can be a daily procedure to wash away the layers of fat and adhering to his dust, which prevent the head to breathe.Dry hair can be washed less frequently, but not necessarily the extent of pollution.

same for all shampoo for hair density has not yet invented, or he would have replaced all the competitors.The choice of shampoo should be performed, ignoring the advice of advertisers and beautiful packaging, but only focusing on the condition of the hair.You can try all the names until you find the best.In practice, better to have a few shampoos and alternate between them, to avoid any effect of habituation hair.

very important to observe the basic rules of shampooing, to solve the question of how to make hair thicker:

  • • Use warm, not hot water.If tap water is hard or chlorinated, it can be boiled, defend or mitigate it with baking soda.
  • • Be sure to wash the head at least 2 times shampoo or shampoo and conditioner.When rinsing, you can use folk remedies for hair density, for example, add vinegar to the water or herbal teas (nettle, chamomile, sage, burdock root, and so on).
  • • Combing hair should be frequent, but regular comb or brush.This is not necessarily a wooden comb.The main feature of the correct choice - after combing hair are beautiful, shiny, and during the process, there is no discomfort.
  • • During washing or before bedtime is useful to massage the scalp, which is to improve her diet and to intensify the work of capillary bulbs.It is a proven practice, reliable means for hair density.

Means for hair care

Pursuing the question of how to increase the density of hair from time to time skin and hair you can treat extra care such as hydrating mask, which must be rubbed for a few minutes or overnight to leave on his head.All recipes are divided into two categories: cosmetics and folk remedies.The effect of them is different for everyone.

most popular recipes, how to restore the density of hair:

  • • Rubbing onion juice, which is obtained by grinding the onions in a meat grinder, and the separation of juice to eliminate odor;
  • • mixtures of fermented milk products and eggs with various additives (cocoa, herbs)
  • • Formulations of honey, salt and brandy in different proportions;
  • • The mixture of castor oil and burdock with lemon;
  • • Combinations of aromatic oils, herbs and apple cider vinegar;
  • • yeast mask;

These and other recipes of how to make your hair thicker used no more than twice a week, and closely monitor the effect, since in some cases, instead of the desired effect, you get the opposite result.Choose a recipe masks and nutrient mixtures must be based on the fat content and the structure of the hair.

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Cosmetics even the most well-known brands do not deserve a blind trust.If their use is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the hair and skin in order to avoid allergic reactions.

main conclusion: the problem of how to make hair thick, can and should engage in lifelong learning, not referring to employment, age or other circumstances.