Cardboard and paper models (diagrams)

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07 April 2016

to the people who want to start a new activity, always raises the question, where do they start?Paper models are no exception.


Cardboard and paper models-2

worth leaving aside the doubt that the chosen path at all true.We only need to say that to create quality paper models possible.Here, the most important role is played by three factors.

  1. experience;
  2. Perseverance and patience;
  3. accuracy.

in the manufacture of paper models, there are several key areas:

    • • Air model.Rarer are models of paper, scale 1 \ 144, 1 \ 100, 1 \ 72 1 \ 50 1 \ 48 1 \ 32 1 \ 24.But the most common variant - 1 \ 33.If someone is impatient, it will certainly be interested in his direction, as the assembly of aircraft does not leave too much time.Although no one has repealed the requirement of accuracy.Smooth transition sections is necessary in this case to give the most attention.Paper models are no exception to the rule.

    • • There is a variety of ground equipment.1 \ 25 in this case acts as a primary indicator.There are
      other options scale - 1 \ 100, 1 \ 72, 1 \ 35, 1 \ 16.Paper models depicting this technique have always been popular, especially armored.Relatively simple form - one of the main characteristics possessed by such models.Not without caterpillars.They usually recommend doing either by using special laser cutting, either of the individual tracks.If before you have a schematic model of this kind of paper, it is already possible to see how this work can be hard and long.We'll have to perform a large number of small operations.Monotony is not like many beginners, on which it is painstaking hobby even for the girls and for their ends.But it is necessary to have patience.Circuit model of paper will help you understand the basic principles.It is best to begin acquaintance with the equipment in wheeled models.They just do not get bored;

  • • Finally, someone can get excited about the creation of the fleet.Sailing ships are designed on the scale of 1 \ 96, ordinary - 1 \ 200.Cardboard models suggest the scope and application of the 1 \ 700, 1 \ 350, 1 \ 300, 1 \ 400, 1 \ 250, 1 \ 100, 1 \ 72.Cardboard models of ships make prodelyvat most painstaking and accurate work.So do not recommend this option for beginners.Many factors complicate the assembly process.This frequent repetition of elements, saturation of the ship by different mechanisms, small scale.Models for the bonding of paper with the image of the ships eventually look amazing.But the job can take several months.If patience is not one of the virtues - that from this area should be abandoned.

Boat made of paper

These are the most popular areas of interest.Besides these, the model for the bonding of paper may be the epitome of the fantastic figures and accessories, fantasy items, rail and architectural sites.And in each of these areas has its own characteristics, standards.

Once the area of ​​interest from the still undecided, it's time to get models from paper.The hands will collect them later.In the meantime, pay attention to several important factors.

  • • The most important criterion is clearly convergence.Especially for those who go shopping for the first time.If serious experience has not accumulated, create their own hands model of high quality paper would be difficult if there is no joints between adjacent parts.It is best to choose the products that are created by a computer operating time.But manual blackening newcomers definitely best avoided.How to make a model out of paper - easily found on online forums, looking interested in the scheme.At this time, we can estimate how much time and effort will go into a particular case;
  • • Another important factor is the complexity and.From this it depends on how easy it will be to understand how to make a beautiful model made of paper.Beginners often tend to be more effective, but in such situations, the first purchase should be as simple as possible.One of competent decisions - collection of designs from magazines printed copy.If the professional edition, the paper and colors are chosen more or less correctly.Three-dimensional models of paper can be purchased by the same rules.

course, you can find a variety of options and on the Internet.But they have their drawbacks.For example, the scanning of paper models require not only consumables and high quality paint, but not bad the printer itself.In addition, there is no guarantee that the pattern models from paper eventually will pass the form as originally intended.

The plane made of cardboard

Well, if the purchase option will be present diagrams and instructions as detailed as possible.After all, even at the beginning of the assembly of simple components and parts, there are many nuances.Schemes of volumetric models from paper to help many issues on their own insight.The more complete - the better.

The most controversial point is probably the historical accuracy, which should have drawings models from paper and finished products themselves.After all, everyone has their own criteria in this respect.Just always nicer to collect the ship or tank that best match real-world counterparts.National paper models also fall under this rule.Do not be shy, the right questions to more experienced modelers will always help you to feel more confident.