How to spend the May holidays?

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07 April 2016

So it is a long-awaited weekend, it's time to take a break from the hustle and "turn off" from the outside world.Probably, everything is planned in May every day, but if it does not, our ideas may come in handy.

options how good the May holidays

How to spend the May holidays?

new sport

Activities - it's always great.Learn basic for themselves something new, maybe it will balloon flight, and can jump with a parachute, maybe someone else does not know how to ride a bike?This holiday will give you the energy boost to the next weekend.

Plant a tree

As is known in the spring of all gardeners spend every spare minute in the garden or in the garden.Reach for it and you plant flowers near the house or a tree.So you do something good for the environment, just to imagine how it will be pleasant when the flowers bloom, planted, or you will accept and give the fruits of the tree.

View series

you want to spend time at home?The maximum rest of the people?Then watching the show or a good movie, what you need.This holiday you

can afford it, because you do not need to run anywhere, for something to experience.

Exploring the unknown

you made a route of travel?It does not matter, you can always turn on some uncharted paths, cities, go beyond the usual.You get a lot of new experiences, plunge into the world of everything new and unknown.

change the image

May - is the time to do them.Sign up for fitness, change her hair, buy new things.Do all that would change the most bored with winter image.

If you have not decided what to do during the May or want to share them with us.We welcome your ideas in the comments!