Fertilizing apple trees in the spring: the feed, fertilize (fertilizer)

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27 March 2016

Each of gardeners mandatory landed on its site an apple tree.This unpretentious fruit tree is capable of giving a good harvest of fragrant juicy apples.More healthy fruit in our latitudes can hardly be found.However, it happens and so that when poor care apple fruit stops or gives too little yield.In this case you should more carefully take care of the trees and apple trees spring to provide fertilizer.


content of the article:

  1. The feed apple spring
  2. second feeding of young apple trees in spring
  3. What else to feed apple spring
  4. Fertilizers for apple and pear trees in the crown

Fertilizing apple trees in the spring: the feed, fertilize (fertilizer)

general de proper care of fruit trees involves several basic steps:

  • • Fertilizing apple trees in the spring;
  • • Trimming crown (from dry cleaning, unnecessary branches);
  • • Spraying during the growing season to prevent disease and pest control;
  • • Fertilizing fruit trees in the fall after fruiting.

By following these simple rules gardener, you will be able to achieve the maximum yield, an

d even the rich to cash in on it.

The feed apple spring

Usually, the first fertilizing apple trees should occur during the growing season.That is - the middle of April.It was at this time the hosts happy apple appearance of the first leaves.The soil after winter too exhausted and does not have enough micronutrients for good growth and ripening of the fruit.

So, more than anything in the spring the soil around the apple trees need nitrogen mixtures (urea or humus).These fertilizer for apple trees in the spring is to pour and pour the soil.The main rule of the spring fertilizing - minerals in any case not to make itself around the trunk.It is necessary to form a near-wellbore zone at a distance of 60 cm from the trunk and in these circles pour the mixture.It is at this distance are soaking the roots of trees, which will help the tree get enough.

Feeding young apple trees in the spring is ideal if you are scattered tree trunks in the amount of humus 5-6 buckets.But dry fertilizer can be placed only on the eve of the rainy season.If the weather is dry, it is best to mix the fertilizer with water and pour into the soil during digging.

Another good fertilizer for apple trees in the spring is urea.It may replace the simple humus.The fertilizer must be diluted in water (500-600 g per 50 liters), and pour in the near-wellbore area of ​​the tree.

second feeding of young apple trees in spring

is worth remembering that during the flowering tree again starts to need fertilizer.If you do not know what to fertilize an apple tree in the spring, then read the following recommendations.

most useful for fruit trees (apple and pear) is considered such mineral mix:

  • • potassium sulphate - 800 g;
  • • superphosphate - 1 kg;
  • • Bird droppings - 5 liters (can be replaced with liquid manure - 10 liters or urea - 500 g);
  • • Water - 200 l (better to use a barrel).

All the ingredients are mixed with water and give the mixture brew for a week.After a desired time carefully fertilize trees in the same near-wellbore region.Consumption mixture must be at least 40 liters per flourishing tree.

Important: before pouring the mixture into the mineral soil, first arch of her plain water.After that, apply fertilizer and then pour on top of plain water.This fertilizing apple and pear trees in the spring should be carried out in a dry sunny weather.

What else to feed apple spring

third stage fertilizing apple and pear trees in the spring to the period of the appearance of the fruit itself.At this time, it is best to fertilize the soil mixtures of sodium.You can make such a solution:

  • • Water - 200 l;
  • • nitrophoska kg -1;
  • • Gumat sodium - 20 gr.

dry ingredients pour a little water and stir thoroughly.Then we bring the mixture to the desired amount of water and again mixed.Consumption of fertilizers for trees - 3-4 buckets.The mixture was again necessary to shed in the near-wellbore region.

It should also be remembered that after fruiting apple tree also needs feeding and care.Help sapling recuperate after harvest will help Potash mixture.It's enough to take:

  • • potassium sulphate - 300 g;
  • • superphosphate - 300 gr.

In the case of heavy rains made fertilizer into the soil in dry form.If the fall is dry, it is possible to dissolve the minerals in the water and pour into the soil.

Fertilizers for apple and pear trees in the crown

It is worth remembering that the fruit trees will be grateful not only to root feeding the spring.In the fertilizer needs of plants and Crown.In this case you can feed the trees with a solution of urea that trees give strength after a long winter and protection against harmful insects and various diseases.

mixture was prepared as follows:

water - 10 liters;

Urea - 2 tbsp

All mix well and spray the tree until the flowering period.Moreover, it is necessary not only to moisten the leaves, and the branches and the trunk.Repeat the procedure for foliar feeding is 20 days after the end of the flowering period.

If you're wondering what else to feed the young apple trees in the spring, try to process the crown of trees to flowering period with a solution of wood ash.This mixture contains the maximum amount of minerals and can empower young trees for productive fruiting.


Ash wood - 1 cup;

hot water - 2 liters.

ash mixed with water and stir thoroughly.After dissolving the fertilizer we bring the mixture to a volume of 10 liters and process the crown of the tree.Such feeding apples and pears should be the entire period of ripening, maintaining an interval of 10-15 days.Stop fertilizing is necessary for 1 month before harvesting.

Look after your garden and enjoy a good harvest!