Why tomato seedling falls.

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27 March 2016

definitely say the reason for the fall is quite difficult.This requires a thorough review and analysis of plant conditions for its germination.Only then you can make some conclusions and to eliminate the causes.On what factors may have a negative impact on the tomatoes, tomato seedling falls why and what to do to save the tomatoes, we describe in this article.


content of the article:

  1. analysis of climate
  2. Diseases seedling tomato
  3. Useful tips

Why tomato seedling falls.

analysis of climate

Tomato seedlings are very demanding on theenvironment.Improper care of the plant can begin to wither and eventually die.Therefore, to begin to assess the conditions in which it grows.This process consists of the following components.

  1. water.Tomatoes are very fond of moisture: the longer it is, the more comfortable they feel.But if the drainage holes in the container and clogged the soil where it grows seedlings, stagnant water, the roots of seedlings may begin to rot.Indeed, in this environment are ac
    tively multiplying bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide.At the same time the soil in the container becomes too dense and oxygen to the roots of virtually ceased to act.As a result, the root of the plant is suffocating, and the stem dries up at the level of the soil.In this case the seedling begins to wither and fall.The solution is as follows: release the drains of debris and to limit watering 2-3 days.

plant may also start to fade with insufficient moisture.In this case, you just need to increase the frequency of watering.

  1. Heat.Tomato seedlings grow best in warm climates.But if you put it near the working batteries, over-dried dry and hot air will negatively affect the state of the plant.As a result, the seedlings may begin to wither and fall.The solution is, rearranging containers with seedlings away from the battery, thus making the air temperature optimal.
  1. air.Fresh air seedlings useful, especially young tomatoes.But if tomatoes are growing on the windowsill, where the open window, then they will always be exposed to the cold.As a result, the plant may wilt.The solution - to rearrange the seedlings away from drafts, but at the same time ensure a regular supply of fresh air.
  1. Light.Tomatoes are very important during germination getting enough light.However, his lack of seedlings can be pulled over and fall under the weight of its own weight.The solution - to ensure adequate coverage.

above reasons - the main response to the question of why the tomato seedling falls.But it happens that the conditions for the germination of seedlings comfortable - optimum watering, temperature high, fresh air is sufficient - and seedlings continues to fade.In this case, you should look for the cause of possible diseases in the plant itself.

Diseases tomato seedlings

seedlings to fight the disease is much more complicated than the deficiencies in care.The main thing here - to determine the type of the disease.Only in this case we can say with certainty why the lost seedlings of tomatoes and what is required for its rehabilitation.

  1. Fuzarios - a fungal disease.Most often it occurs when the ground before planting the seeds are not decontaminated (eg, potassium permanganate or calcination).Fungus infects plants begins with the root system, gradually making his way to the leaves.In this case the cause of the fall of tomato seedlings - the fungus.In view of the plant looks fade and sick.One gets the feeling that he had not watered, even if the regime irrigation observed.

problem can be solved by grafting seedlings in new, uninfected soil.This is best done in a specialty store to buy prepared the ground for vegetable crops.

  1. Blackleg - a disease that occurs when the wrong care.Most often it occurs when excess moisture and its stagnation in the container where the tomatoes grow.The disease is easily detected by visual inspection: first, dark tomato stalk and then affected the root system, the leaves begin to wither.If you do not take action, then the seedling will perish.What can be done if the cause of the fall of tomato seedlings - black leg?The best treatment and prevention of soil will be watered with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.You can also loosen the soil and add the wood ash.

Useful tips

As is known, the disease prevention is better than cure.Therefore, it is best to make sure that the plants were comfortable.To do this:

- Soil store or use frozen.Before planting the seeds of tomatoes should be ignited in the oven at a high temperature, and pour over boiling water containers.To consolidate the results, you can sprinkle the ground with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

  • - Seeds should be sown at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other, so that future sprouts not hide each other.
  • - watering regime should be observed on the following principle: it is better less, but more.So deep in the soil will stay longer raw, but on the surface will dry out more quickly.
  • - as a layer of soil should be added to the sand.It will protect from drying the root neck and soil - from excessive compaction.
  • - Periodically loosen the soil, which in itself is an excellent prevention of many diseases of seedlings.
  • - ventilated room with seedlings on a regular basis.From this plant will become stronger, increasing resistance to various diseases.In warm weather, the seedlings can be taken out.
  • - as a space for seedlings is better to choose a window sill on the sunny side with a large window.If necessary, provide seedlings with artificial lighting.
  • - If the ground is too acidic, it can be neutralized, pour ashes or slaked lime.

So, we have listed the main reasons why falls tomato seedlings.In planting the most important thing - do not rush.It is better to carefully prepare the soil, seeds, and conditions of detention, and only then start planting seeds.With this approach, the cultivation of tomatoes, you will be just a joy.And as a result of painstaking work, get a good harvest.