Presowing treatment of potatoes before planting than process

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27 March 2016

Processing potatoes before planting saves material from soil pests, infections, increases the volume of the crop, increases its quality.Gardeners use finished products that are sold in specialty stores, or create a useful mixture at home.So, how to handle the potatoes before planting, some recipes and preparations are time-tested?


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  1. growth stimulators
  2. Disease prevention
  3. Nutritional spraying
  4. protection against pests
  5. What gives preplant treatment

Presowing treatment of potatoes before planting than process

growth stimulators

Presowing treatment of potato growth stimulants necessary to activate the process of germination of eyes.The procedure provides a rapid emergence of seedlings, shrubs splendor.It is desirable that preplant treatment of potatoes made a day or two before the material is to sink into the ground.

than processed potatoes before planting, which stimulants are most effective?

  • • «Poteitin" - stimulating drug, are in high demand for experienced gardeners.Ampule agent soluble in w
    ater (about one liter).That's enough to work with 60-70 kg of roots.Processing potatoes before planting this tool shows great results.
  • • «Micon" - popular among gardeners means, which is composed of such securities for vegetable micronutrients like boron, zinc, manganese and others.

Disease prevention

Primary processing potatoes can not be seen only as a way of stimulating growth.The procedure is required for the protection and planting material from various diseases that threaten his status.

  • • copper sulfate solution has proven itself as a means of processing potatoes before planting.The recipe is simple: a teaspoon of vitriol to 3 liters of water.It is advisable not to spray the roots and lower them in a ready solution.The optimal duration of exposure - no more than two minutes.Be sure to allow tubers to dry after treatment before planting potatoes vitriol.After two or three days can be further used growth stimulants.
  • • Treatment of potassium permanganate before planting potatoes - an effective folk instrument of disease prevention crop.Tanks containing pre-germinated tubers must be filled solution of potassium permanganate for about half an hour.To prepare the solution will require one gram per liter of water and means.
  • • dusting ash - another method of treating potato seeds before planting.A bucket of liquid funds need about a kilo.Ash is valued for the saturation of potassium, whose absence slows down the formation of root crops.The tubers can be lowered into the dilution directly in the cart or grid.Also ash for soil cultivation for potatoes.Each prepared cavity is filled with two tablespoons of powder.The alternative - trench technology, in which the ash is put under all roots.

with preparing the means by which you will be preplant treatment of potato tubers, it is necessary to pay attention to the capacity.For example, for copper sulphate is not suitable metal utensils, just the capacity of glass and wood, enameled.You can completely abandon the vessel, lined with foil or oilcloth hole in the ground.

Nutritional spraying

Tillage before planting potatoes, as well as the treatment of the seed may include nutrient spray.Satisfactory results provide such solutions as "nitrophosphate" "Rastvorin".A teaspoon of the composition is lowered into a container filled with 3 liters of fluid.Processing potatoes before planting is carried out three times, the interval between procedures should be 10 days.

protection against pests

serious threat to the future of the crop are soil pests - bacterial and fungal rot, Medvedkov Melolontha, wireworms.Processing potatoes before planting insektofungitsidnymi drugs effectively solves these problems.

  • • «Prestige".The drug is a proven remedy for years of scab, the Colorado potato beetle.Presowing treatment of potatoes this tool protects the material not only pests, but also from dangerous diseases.It must be mixed with 100 ml of element 6 liters of water.The finished solution is sufficient to treat 100 kg of tubers.It is convenient to make pre-plant potatoes "Prestige", using a hand sprayer.
  • • «Maxim."The process potatoes before planting to enhance the protection?Many gardeners combine "Prestige" with the "Maxim".Recommended combination - 100 70 ml.The resulting mixture is applied to 100 kg of seed.The drug is effective only for the planting material in which there are no signs of infection, only works as a preventive agent for the treatment of land under potato.
  • • «Cruiser."Save the roots of the Colorado potato beetle, and the traditional "enemies" helping drug "Cruiser".On potatoes prior to planting must be 60 ml per 100 kg.
  • • «Force."The drug helps protect against soil pests, used to fight with Khrushchev.Wireworms, cutworms.The pellets dissolve slowly under the influence of soil moisture, depriving insects possibly cause crop damage.

than processed potatoes before planting, to achieve the maximum degree of protection?Combinations of the proposed funds.

What gives preplant treatment

is important not only to choose the right "than to process the potatoes before planting."It is also necessary to understand what benefits provide presowing potatoes.It guarantees the safety of holding 8-9 shoots on each tuber, which provides an average of 15-16 new root crops from each lowered into the ground.Up to one third of the crop makes a defense against infection, disease, soil pests, significantly increases its quality.

Processing potatoes before planting the right protective and stimulants - a reliable guarantee of the health of the future harvest, increase profits gardener.