Crayons hair: how to use, ratings

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30 March 2016

Surely many times have you noticed in the street girls with brightly colored hair.And not just bright, and in a variety of colors - red, blue, purple, yellow, etc.Some refer to this not very welcome, and the other is an inflorescence in the hair very like.And how do you feel about that?Do you want to change your image so dramatically?But it can be done very simple, and most importantly, you do not have to wait a long time until you grow back your hair and not have the need to repaint them.And all because it is a rainbow in the hair created by conventional crayons hair!


content of the article:

  1. What is it
  2. How to choose suitable colors
  3. there any contraindications
  4. Crayons hair: how to use
  5. How to use crayons for hair: basic rules

Crayons hair: how to use, ratings

What is it

If you still do not know that there is a means for coloring hair, then it's time you know what crayons hair.Reviews of them, there are a wide variety - from the most enthusiastic to sharply negative.But we will not argue

with any of the users of the innovation, and simply tell you what is chalk to the hair.There is nothing complicated.Colored chalk for hair - is an artistic material, which the artist "instrument" on the canvas.These are called pastel crayons, and can be purchased either in the salon of cosmetics, or in a store for artists.

How to choose suitable colors

learn how to dye my hair pastel crayon, as we describe below, but now let's learn how to decide on a brave step and choose the right crayons, so you do not regret the choice.Pastel crayons hair are different, and each of them is characterized by its structure, composition, etc.For example, there are dry and greasy crayons.Dry chalk pencil is thickened and creamy fat reminiscent of the shadows and comes in boxes.Dry crayons serve you is not as long as the fat, but they are cheaper.But fat crayons are more convenient to use.

If you decide to try to change with the help of colored crayons hair, then you need to decide on the colors.Young and confident girls use the whole range of colors, and they can change their "color", and often dramatically.Women are rarely bright colors, these will have to look brave.And few of them are suitable coloring colored crayons, except that the well-known personalities.But a variety of crayons allows women to choose the standard colors - gray, black (for blondes), golden and white (for the brown-haired women).

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Regarding the composition of chalk, the cosmetics store you can find the usual, that is,without vitamin supplements and fortified hair crayons.In addition to vitamins into a fine may contain other substances, restores and strengthens hair.Such means of coloring, usually cost much more expensive.By the way, if you do not want to spoil your hair, crayons, purchase only from reputable producers.

there any contraindications

Pencil crayons creamy and suitable for all hair types.But they have one major drawback - they dry hair.Therefore, if you are already dry and brittle hair, it is better to give up the idea to paint them with crayons.Even healthy locks can quickly lose moisture during frequent use crayons.In addition, crayons, as well as all other means of hair dye, have a chemical composition, and so experts do not recommend using them more than twice a month.Other features contraindications to the use of crayons is not, and if you have strong and healthy hair, you can safely use them.

Crayons hair: how to use

Now let's talk about the most important - how to dye your hair crayons.Drawing on a palette of locks - at first glance a simple task.But the technique of dyeing the hair in this manner requires a certain skill and some rules of implementation, and if they do not comply, you can easily ruin the hair.

before hair dye crayons, you need to prepare.Namely, choose a location for the procedure, it is best to do hair coloring on the floor.Cover the floor (chair, sofa, etc.) anything that is not a pity to throw away.By the way, and take care of your clothes - it can also be painted.Wear a T-shirt that does not wear or wrap a towel (the first option is more convenient).

now preparing everything we need for painting - small, comb, hair clips, spray with water, curling irons, hair spray.Instead, you can use the curling iron is for straightening hair.All this should be a short distance from you to easily reach the desired tool.

So if you're ready, it's time to start the procedure.Divide hair into several parts, securing pins.Take one strand, sprinkle it with water (if you have dark hair) and strong twist in the flagellum.Then, with one hand holding a lock for the tip, and the second - start painting.Drive the fine strands of only top to bottom (or vice versa) on all sides.How to finish the painting, and shall shoot strand comb.Then immediately lay their colored locks using curling irons or ironing - than you accustomed.Then sprinkle with hair strand.Curling (iron is) needed to paint a well-entrenched on the hair.This contributes to the nail, and it fixes the installation.

you are interested in how to hold crayons hair?Good, that is,quality crayons can keep on curls as long as you do not wash away.It is better to keep the hair greasy creamy crayons.Rinse hair with pastel snap!Wash them as usual with shampoo 1-2 times.

How to use crayons for the hair: the basic rules

As you can see, in the very process of staining is nothing complicated, but you need to know some rules on how to use crayons for hair.

Rule 1. Before using crayons test their effect on a small strand.

Rule 2: Do not paint hair crayons in different directions!This will cause the hair will quickly break down and split.

Rule 3: Dark hair before treatment crayons should be sprayed with water - so the paint will be easier to bear, and a saturated color.Blondes can also wet the hair, but there is a great need - on light hair crayons draw bright.

Rule 4. If you want to uneven color, do different flagella, iepaint the strands of different thicknesses.

Rule 5. After using crayons protect their hair from chemical exposure balm or any other moisturizer.
Crayons hair: how to use, 4 reviews Crayons hair: how to use it, 5 reviews

is, in principle, all important recommendations for the procedure coloring crayons hair.Reviews of many women who use this tool for a long time, you can find in the forums.Before you decide on a painting, look at the photo and choose the "right" color.Although the experience of failure is not worth it, because crayons are washed away very easily.So do not be afraid to experiment, and you are sure to find their way.But do not forget to maintain the time between experiments!