How to choose a snowboard

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02 April 2016

commercials twenty years ago, none of this sport did not know, but today it exists not only knowledgeable, but they are engaged in full swing.At the same time, not every level of extreme sports you can practice this sport.And the first thing to do for those brave souls who have decided to test their strength in snowboarding?Of course, it is necessary to know where and how to choose a snowboard skiing.After all, to go on smoothly, we need not only good snow slides, but also something on which you will conquer its peaks.And before "prick skiing" spice vision and focus that we're going to buy a snowboard!

How to choose a snowboard

How to choose snowboard and what influences your choice

Buy board to ride, saying in a reputable store that I supposedly need snowboard board, it is like oil to buy oil.Boards, as well as people who are different.Only the parameters here a little bit more.Pick a snowboard as if it were the only thing that will remain with you, when all is gone.Naturally, the choice of such things should be handle

d with special awe and attention.To your snowboard serve you not only faithfully, but also all others, follow the advice at the choice of the sports equipment.If you do not know which one to choose a snowboard, decide with the style and level of riding, adding to it your gender, height, weight and foot size.It seems too complicated at first sight?Everything else: jobs easier and can not be found.

And what style you ride?

sometimes so difficult to define, as a newcomer to choose to ride a snowboard.Here the difficulty is that it is just starting to engage in sports, it does not yet have the skills of a particular style to choose a board specifically for this criterion.But the desire to ride and the mountain of enthusiasm - the main thing.For maximum comfort, the beginner should choose easy bending (easyflex) board soft or medium hardness.That soft plaque will be for you most comfortable: small tricks and jumps will easily manage to you on it.Manage this snowboarding easier, and he rolls in the snow easier.In the event you are not going to participate?You're not an avid snow rider who is ready to do any tricks on the snow?Then, knowing how to choose snowboarding for beginners, just take a board, which is softer.

experienced athletes - experimental equipment

But if the board for skiing - your best friend, and snow slides - a second home, you will need to take a more professional snowboarding.It has to be that you ride any particular style, and depending on it can buy the board, which is the best way to help you succeed in this style.

    1. Snowboard Freestyle (FS):
      • In length short.
      • easily.
      • With a soft shape and fastening.
      • very maneuverable.
      • absolutely symmetrical form.

    1. Snowboard Freeride (FR):
      • long.
      • with the direction of the shape and center of gravity shifted to the tail.
      • Soft (attachment can be, and soft and hard).
      • move smoothly.

    1. snowboard for carving (FC):
      • Due to the high stiffness keeps well on hard snow.
      • Well accelerates.
      • length of 170 cm.
      • narrow focus shape-shifted to the tail of the center of gravity.
      • high price.

  1. Universal

If you like all the snowboard, but determine the direction in which the sport would you like to develop, it is best to buy a universal snowboard.For this read, why and how to choose the length of a snowboard for driving different types.Form these snowboards symmetrical and rigidity - very different.

where size matters

you know how to choose a snowboard on the growth and the size of his feet?If your figure is not quite proportional (high growth and low weight, and so on. D.), Then a snowboard you should choose for growth as well as choosing skis.The ideal option for you would be below the tip of the nose, but above the chin.The width of the snowboard, determine the size of his feet.The board has, the less energy you spend on management.But more than one or two centimeters fingers do not have to get out of the surface of the board.Otherwise, a scratching of the snow will stop skating.

If you have decided with a choice of snowboarding, try to find an option that will completely satisfy your desire.After all, who knows how many follies snowy winter holiday you are destined to go through together?