How to wear LIC (scarf-collar)?

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27 March 2016

Today in fashion scarf collar.How to wear this fashionable and stylish accessory, know not all ladies, and some experiments and do not be called successful.In order not to look ridiculous and not spoil its perfect appearance, there are two options: either not wearing a scarf LIC or learn how to combine it with things combine and original tie on the head or neck.The second solution is the best, because this thing is able to shake the catchy and radically change the way bored.


content of the article:

  1. perfect style year round
  2. preferred materials and colors LIC
  3. most common design options for LICs on the neck
  4. Methods of processing LIC color

How to wear LIC (scarf-collar)

perfect style year round

Before wear LIC, it is worth remembering that this accessory is perfect for the cold season, and for the warm spring, the main thing - the right to decide on the material.For example, knitted scarves are more suitable to wear in spring and summer evenings, and wool products perfectly complement the w

inter wardrobe.

thin scarf can always throw on a shirt or jacket and warm LIC looks good and knits, informal style and fashionable down jackets.So do not worry, because this accessory at any time of the year will find its use, it remains only to find out how to tie a scarf collar, to attract attention and raise their self-esteem more in a new image.

preferred materials and colors LIC

The free market is dominated by a huge number of long scarves, which attract not only by their shapes and saturated colors, but also the materials added image element of novelty, originality and luxury, finally.

Preferred are the following materials: cotton, boucle, wool, silk, fur, velvet, and the choice is determined by the weather and time of year.Of course, it is important not to forget about the way that this accessory, and should be complementary.

If you have - a supporter of strict classics, the scarf collar preferably pastel subdued tones.This traditional colors perfect monochromatic pantsuits, coats strict business or French, it does not appear to be intrusive.

If you prefer a non-standard style of casual, then it clearly commits to the choice of gray, white and green colors.It can also be the color shades of burgundy or red wine, but the resulting image seems passionate, relaxed and extravagant.

When it comes to the youth of today, here welcome the most diverse colors.All the colors of the rainbow, not only cheer up and charge the vivacity, but the hallmark of an optimist.So, how to tie a scarf collar to effectively look like?

most common design options for LICs on the neck

If the wardrobe appeared scarf tube, knows how to wear every mod.Here and come to the aid of the original versions that can emphasize the individuality of its owner.

first option.Eight.This requires a single loop of thread the head and the other gently straighten the neck.This is a great option in bad weather, as no sore throat with a neck protection is not terrible.And looks fashionable.

Option Two.Great Loop.In this case it requires a few times around the neck scarf loose wrap, whereupon it loops are arranged in rows, where the top would be large and small bottom.

Option Three.Evening.It's a long openwork scarf, which is in harmony with solid models of elongated cardigans and evening dresses.It is not required to twist in the loop or perform entanglement around the neck, quite casually spread on his shoulders, as if to protect your back from drafts.

fourth option.Elegant eight.This idea is similar to the first, but it is necessary to fix a scarf using the bulk stylish and brooches.

fifth option.Tie.If the scarf-tie collar around his neck like a tie, then such an unexpected ensemble will look catchy and original.To image has been particularly successful, it is desirable to give preference tartan or fabrics with stripes.

Option sixth.The ring around the neck.Make a scarf so easy, simply wrap it around your neck a couple of times and went down the ends, the composition is dissolved.

And this is not all of the options, how to wear a scarf collar, because every owner of such a necessary accessory and spectacular looking for a brilliant idea that will help him effectively stand out and attract attention, cause admiration.

Methods of processing LIC color

Strangely enough, but modern fashionistas have found another use long scarf and tied it not only on the neck or arm, but also on the head, using a practical headgear.However, before how to tie a scarf collar, it is important to consider the following rules.

  1. scarf should not be a woolen and thick, it is best to give preference to the universal and practical knitwear.
  2. important experiment correspond to a headpiece selected image and set the style.
  3. perfect fashion combinations are stylish scarves collars around the neck and head simultaneously.

options like LIC wearing on his head a little, and the most fashionable and attractive are the following compositions:

first option.Turban.To understand how to wear the accessory on your head, it's time to get acquainted closely with the Turkish cinema, where almost all women wear a turban or even lazy every time again to draw it on the head.

Option Two.Starting from the back, you want to wrap my head non-severe tissue scarf several times and encountered at the back ends of the tie and gently pull the shoulders.

Option Three.Mated LICs can be first on the head, forming a cap, and then gradually move to the neck, using the ends of the long time as a scarf.

fourth option.Winding head scarf, it is realistic to form symmetrical folds, which eventually will add the resulting headgear volume effect and sense of style.

there are other ways how to wear a scarf collar, and everyone chooses the perfect mod version, suitably and daily mood.Someone in the issue of how to tie a scarf tube helps the stylist;but on the Internet there is a sufficient amount of useful information on a given subject.