Salt-free diet: 13 days from Elena Malysheva, reviews

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30 March 2016

Judging by the title, is not difficult to understand that it is a diet that involves weight loss at the time of the rejection of salt and other seasonings of any of its containing.Salt-free diet, reviews about which you can read below, has long been a well-known among dream to lose weight quickly and effectively.This technique was developed by a famous doctor from Germany, believes that salt-free diet should be lifelong.The salt, as you know, is harmful to our body, because it is even called the "white poison".


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  1. salt-free diet for weight loss: are
  2. salt-free diet: benefit and harm
  3. Terms diet without salt
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Salt-free diet: 13 days from Elena Malysheva, 2 reviews

However, many doctors say that salt is essential to man, it's just for the body requires no more than 2 g per day, when we consume salt in an amount of 20-30 And many products containsalt, and it turns out that we do not necessarily add the seasoning food.On this and says a Ger

man nutritionist promoting a salt-free diet.Reviews of many of its members show that this diet is not for the infirm, but is it?

salt-free diet for weight loss: are

First, let's find out what is this diet and how it works.Diet without salt involves a complete rejection of salt in a few days.The longest - is a salt-free diet for 14 days, but many have become accustomed slimming and diet without salt becomes their way of life.What are its characteristics?The essence of the diet is not only the rejection of salt seasoning, but also to add to the diet products such as unleavened bread, cottage cheese, any dairy products, lean meat, eggs, and fruit and vegetables.These products contain a sufficient amount of sodium that is, replacing salt.

salt-free diet: benefit and harm

Before you decide to "sit" on a salt-free diet for weight loss, you should learn about its benefits and harms.Salt-free diet copes well with fatty deposits.In addition, the diet without salt contributes to the normalization of blood pressure, and therefore it is recommended primarily for those who suffer from hypertension.Salt-free diet improves metabolism, normalizes water-salt balance in the body.With this diet, many people get rid of edema.

By cons salt-free diet is the fact that it causes a decrease in salinity in the body, especially in the summer, when a person sweats.We can not completely rule out the salt for those who often feel physical activity at work or playing sports.

Terms diet without salt

salt-free diet, as well as all others, has its own rules.The most important of them - the refusal of salt or use it in small quantities.If salt dishes, it is best to do it only at the end of cooking.Salt-free diet, the menu of which includes virtually all of the products implies the rejection of salted, smoked, fried and fatty foods and confectionery.But the rest can be eaten in any quantity.These are the simple rules of a salt-free diet for weight loss.Reviews of many who have already lost weight on this diet, say during it necessary to have less becauseon food without salt and do not want to watch.But some respond differently to diet, saying addiction to salt-free food is quick and stress free.

kinds of diets without salt

There are three main types of such a diet: salt-free rice, Japanese and salt-free diet Elena Malysheva.Reviews they have a wide variety, but all agree on one thing - there is no salt does not taste good.This is not surprising, because all of us from early childhood get used to salt the same way as for sugar.And if some people without the latter somehow bypassed, then those who live without salt, counted on the fingers.

Rice salt-free diet, which is also called "cleaning" is the fastest and is designed for three days.During the diet are allowed to eat only rice, soaked in water (6-8 hours) and bring to a boil.For the whole day, you can eat a cup of rice (grains) and drink 1.5 liters of water, which can substitute for green tea without sugar.More than three days a mono-diet can not be used becauseit can seriously harm health.

more effective is salt-free 13-day diet (in some sources it is called "salt-free diet for 14 days") in which you can eat almost everything, but without salt.This Japanese salt-free diet.From the menu, it does not include salt, sugar, flour products and alcoholic beverages.As you can see, very few restrictions, and you can eat all you want.Salt-free 13-day diet, experts say, will improve the body's metabolism, making it work like a clock.Because of this, burning extra kilos will take place naturally, without fasting and exercise.On salt-free 13-day diet reviews written different, and most dieters say that addiction occurs on the third day.While many do not stand up and throw the case after 1-2 days.Well, apparently, the diet is designed for people who have good willpower.

salt-free diet by Elena Malysheva

Special attention should be salt-free diet Elena Malysheva.Reviews of her show high efficiency, but not all are able to withstand it, asit extends as much as 14 days.But if someone is able to "sit" on the Japanese salt-free diet for 13 days, then to lose weight on the basis of well-known Russian doctor it would be easy.So, what is the salt-free diet Malysheva?

most important rule of this diet - you can not starve.When the diet must be breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks day and evening.That is, in order to lose weight you need to eat five times a day.The quantity of food eaten for each meal should be about the same - 250 g (glass).Water, according to Malysheva, food is more important, and therefore it is necessary to drink at least two liters per day.The last meal should be no later than seven in the evening.During Malyshev diet recommends eating mostly protein products.Below is a sample menu.

  • • Breakfast: oatmeal porridge without salt, low-fat yogurt or sour.
  • • Lunch: any protein foods (meat, fish, eggs)
  • • Dinner: any vegetable salad, boiled egg.
  • • Snacks: any fruit except bananas.

During the diet Elena Malysheva not recommended to use flour and confectionery products, rice (white), potatoes, animal and vegetable oil, alcohol.Doctor advises and does not give up these products, but on the diet and after a few days is not recommended.

As can be seen, in a complex of salt-free diet is nothing, more importantly, sustain time and overpower two weeks of losing weight.If you have quite a bit of excess weight, then you can try rice salt-free diet.And if you understand that in three days you can not get in shape, try a diet Malysheva Japanese or salt-free 13-day diet.Reviews lost weight many have noted that the effect of a two-week diet lasts a long time, which means that it really works.