Montignac Diet menu for the week, ratings (see table)

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29 March 2016

This diet is designed for those who are not too lazy to lose weight.So if you belong to this, you'd better read on a lazy diet on the water.The famous French nutritionist Michel Montignac offers us a unique diet.It is based on data from the glycemic index foods, the table with the list that you see below.

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Montignac Diet menu for the week, ratings (table) -2

Montignac diet has reviewsmostly positive, which means that it really works.What is it remarkable?Montignac Diet is divided into two periods, the first of which lasts one month or more, and the second - for life.Yes, Michel Montignac diet can be called a healthy way of life, and if you stick to it always it is possible to not only lose weight but keep your health for years to come.What are the features on the Montignac diet, glycemic index tables, and how to use it?Let's look at the details.

Michel Montignac Diet: Menu

We begin immediately with the main components of the diet Montignac - menu for the week.What it is?Just want to reassure those who are already ready with some significant limitations - they will not.As we have noted, the Montignac diet for many can be a habitual way of life.A live, limiting themselves to something, it will not turn a person even with the greatest willpower.The principle of their diet Montignac concluded in the same expression, "Eat to lose weight!".The doctor gives the simple understanding that a person should not starve to throw off those extra kilos.In addition, it should have a happy and as long as he wants.The main thing is to choose the right products, iethose who will never contribute to the postponement of fat in the body.And that products with a low glycemic index, which we will tell you.Thus, the Montignac diet menu for a week, a month or a lifetime is proper nutrition.

Montignac Diet: a table glycemic index

And now let's see what is the essence of Michel Montignac diet.Table foods that you need to eat to lose weight and never gain extra weight, see below, and find out is, what is the glycemic index.Our body is constantly produced hormone insulin, which responds to the rise in blood sugar.Its role is to cleanse the blood glucose and processing it into energy.The more sugar we eat, and of products containing it, the more insulin is produced in us.It is this hormone prevents the accumulated fats break down, and they deposited in reserve.That is, there is blood glucose, insulin works with it, distributing the energy around the body.This deferred fats are not spent because of uselessness.It turns out that in order for them to start to split, the body should come as little glucose.The glycemic index - a measure of how much glucose is in a particular product.So, to lose weight and stay in shape for many years, you need to eat foods with the index up to 55. This is the Montignac diet.Table of glycemic index is as follows.


Montignac Diet menu for the week, ratings (table) -3
Foods with a low glycemic index (55) contribute to the fact that the body is supported by the low level of blood sugar.That is, such products do not give insulin which prevents cleaved accumulated fats produced in large quantities.Thus, consuming foods with low glucose, the body easily parted with being overweight.As you can see, foods with a low glycemic index is pretty much not to limit yourself to something, eating their favorite dishes.

Stage Montignac diet

course weight loss diet on the glycemic index table Montignac divides into two stages: Phase 1 - weight loss, Phase 2 - to maintain weight.Thus, the Montignac diet phase 1 includes products with an index no higher than 55. To lose weight, you need to use only such products and as long as the weight does not come back in shape.Montignac recommends to respect the separate power supply, ie,fats separately, carbohydrates separately - so the weight will go faster.

When you come to your desired result, you can proceed to the phase 2 diet Montignac.Menu at the table until the index 55 remains unchanged, but it made "mitigation" diet adjustments.Now, sometimes (not always) can be mixed carbohydrate and fatty foods.Montignac recommends a diet to add more fiber.

Montignac diet Sample menu for each day

Nutritionists recommend starting the day with a glass of fresh juice or fruit.Then half an hour later you are ready for breakfast.It can be a protein or carbohydrate, at your request.In the first case you can have bread, cereal, low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt, drinking milk, green and black tea with or without milk, coffee.Protein breakfast may consist of roasted and boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, sausage, ham, milk and tea.

Lunch Montignac recommends eating salads or vegetables separately.They can fill with any oils (vegetable), as well as lemon juice, vinegar, and even low-calorie mayonnaise.After the salad is best to eat lean fish boiled or fried without breading or other seafood.As a main dish fit and lean meat, the best bird.For garnish you can eat anything you like, but not potatoes, pasta and white rice.It is desirable that a side dish consisted of vegetables.

now about dinner Montignac.It should be the easiest, but it does not mean that you need to eat a little.For dinner you can eat vegetable soup and scrambled eggs from two eggs.Or another option: semolina or rice gruel (brown rice) with vegetables.Also at the dinner are not allowed to eat pasta premium and always with vegetables and herbs.

Snacking throughout the day can be more than twice - after lunch and after dinner.For snacking suitable fat cheese, fruit (except bananas and grapes), nuts, low-fat yogurt and herbs.

Here's daunting at first, but easy-to-use diet Montignac.Reviews lost weight note that the dump with her extra weight quite easily and, most importantly, do not feel hungry.Quick results through diet is difficult to achieve, but dumped kgs hardly ever come back again.So if you have no extra weight loss and weight reduction for many years, try a diet of Montignac.