Cocktails diet: protein, protein, in a blender, reviews

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29 March 2016

One of the main conditions for weight loss - a decrease in daily caloric intake.However, not enough just to cut calories - you need to stick to a certain diet that against the backdrop of unusually low energy intake thrifty body does not slow your metabolism.Nutritionists recommend 5x meal at lunch, and afternoon tea.But very few people want to 5 times a day to eat the same dish, so the issue of cooking is particularly acute.Significantly ease the situation may shakes for weight loss, which can be quickly and easily prepared using a blender.


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Cocktails diet: protein, protein, in a blender, 2 reviews

In the case of the use of cocktails for weight loss, you can go two ways: to make them at home or buy ready-made in stores sports nutrition and pharmacies.Each method has its pros and cons.

If you cook fat burning slimming shakes yourself

, you can be confident in the naturalness of their composition and match components to your liking.But in this case to calculate calorie portions and the ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates have also themselves.Although the cocktails for weight loss in a blender preparing pretty quickly, though it takes some time.

Purchased cocktails significantly save time and worry: you do not have to think about from what to cook and how to carve out time for it.All that is required of you - to dissolve the dry powder required amount of liquid.Here are just able to understand the composition of a person versed in chemistry - there are so many different components.Most often, the sale can be found in the protein shake for weight loss, which is used in their diets athletes and people close to the sport.

Cocktail is a replacement for one or more full meals, usually breakfast and dinner.Replace all the usual diet of chopped and whipped products should not be - it will lead to digestive problems.After all, for the normal development of gastric and intestinal motor activity process of chewing solid food is needed.

types of cocktails for weight loss

  • • Protein shakes for weight loss.They consist almost entirely of protein.Proteins for this powder recovered from soy, milk or egg proteins.Quite often they add vitamins and minerals, amino acids, carnitine, carbohydrates.They have a high nutritional value and are designed for people who are actively involved in sports and fitness.Protein shakes are a source of protein to build muscle mass.To call them "a means for weight loss" may be a stretch: they do not inhibit appetite, contain large amounts of calories and fat burning supplements are supplied, not all these cocktails.But with intensive training they have shifted the balance of nutrients in the direction of the protein that allows you to keep or increase muscle mass and burn fat at the same time.Protein shake for weight loss has positive reviews from people who understand what purpose is it to use.
  • • Dietary shakes for weight loss.They contain large amounts of dietary fiber (fiber) and 10-20% protein.The energy drink diet added metabolic stimulants - caffeine and guarana.The fiber swells in the stomach by the action of gastric juice, thus giving a false sense of satiety.However, it almost does not split in the intestine, and its nutritional value is nearing zero.Because of this, such smoothies are low-calorie, but can reduce the feeling of hunger.They also add additional vitamins, minerals, flavors and sweeteners.This makes the cocktail reception pleasant and helpful.
  • • Cocktail weight loss in a blender.These are the mixtures that can be made at home.They may be fruit, vegetables, milk, with the addition of protein, bran, cereals, honey, berries.Such cocktails allow endlessly experiment with composition and taste.Depending on the ingredients, the cocktail may be both nutritious and low calorie.Losing weight will help to only those that are high in fiber, some protein and low in carbohydrates (sugar, honey).

positive feedback about the cocktails for weight loss are able to interest any woman, dreaming to lose weight, so we offer you the recipes of the most effective compounds.

green smoothie recipe slimming

Its composition can vary, but most importantly it the ratio of greenery to the remaining ingredients.It should be 40% to 60%.You can use any greens: lettuce, dill, parsley, cilantro, spinach.The green parts of the plant contain high amounts of vitamins K, E and antioxidants.Therefore, a cocktail can not only lose weight but also to saturate the body with useful substances.

greens can be combined not only with vegetables, and fruit.To increase satiety make a green smoothie for weight loss based on milk or yogurt.You can cook a mix of the following ingredients: cucumber, spinach, cilantro, celery.Grind them in a blender in such proportions: 60 g cucumber should account for 40 g of other ingredients.

protein shakes for weight loss: reviews

protein shakes for weight loss made from foods rich in proteins: milk and dairy products, legumes, eggs.Better calorie count of such a mixture, not to consume excess calories.As mineral vitamin supplements you can use the berries, fruits, herbs.

Classic (highly nutritious) option:

  • • A glass of milk;
  • • Two boiled eggs protein;
  • • 20 g of honey;
  • • One banana;
  • • 50 g of cottage cheese;
  • • Tea false vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, flax).

previously frozen banana give a mixture of texture and taste of ice cream.Protein shake feedback is the most pleasant, because its composition many have to taste.Its use will allow to forget about hunger.

cocktail celery diet

Celery - one of the most low-calorie foods on earth: its energy value is only 16 calories per 100 grams of product.At the same time it includes a large amount of fiber, which copes well with the feeling of hunger, stimulates the intestine and prevents the development of colon cancer.Cocktails slimming: Recipes from celery:

  • • A bunch of celery crush in a blender with 50 grams of yogurt and one lime.
  • • Celery chopped tomatoes, carrots, onions, parsley, a small amount of cabbage and two cloves of garlic.Season with vegetable oil, add spices to taste.

Cocktail diet ginger

Ginger can increase the metabolic rate, so it gives the cocktail fat burning properties.It can be added as a protein or a dietary mixture.Recipes fat burning cocktail:

  • • A glass of yogurt mixed with cinnamon powder, grated ginger root in the amount of one tablespoon, and add a pinch of hot pepper.All whisk in a blender.
  • • halves ginger root, a bunch of mint and a pinch of cardamom chop blender, then add the mixture to the boiling water, 2 tablespoons of orange juice and one teaspoon of lemon.You can put the honey to taste.

Cocktails slimming reviews which often positive than negative experiences should leave you only favorable if you properly use this method of cooking food diet.Many say that the protein shake convenient to take with you to the gym or swimming becauseit is well quenches hunger and recuperate.