Charging for pregnant women (1-3 trimester)

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29 April 2016

We all know from childhood that need to be addressed to charge at least in the morning.But few of us thinks, than the so-useful exercise, and thus make it far from few.However, even the most minimal physical activity in the form of exercises and workouts in the morning the body is maintained in a constant tone, gives strength and by strengthening the immune system, protecting us from many diseases.Especially need charging for pregnant women who give all their energy reserves and the health of their future children.We have already talked about gymnastics for pregnant women, and now tell you about a simple charge for pregnant women 1, 2 and 3 trimesters, which can overpower the expectant mother at any stage, and which has practically no contraindications.


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  1. How useful charge for pregnant women?
  2. when pregnancy can not do exercises?
  3. Charging for pregnant women.1 trimester
  4. Charging for pregnant women.2 trimester
  5. Charging for pregnant women.3 trimeste

Charging for pregnant women (1-3 trimester)

How useful charge for pregnant women?

physical well-charging affects all muscles of the body.This is very important for pregnant women, as throughout the life of the female body is dominated by the amount of the hormone progesterone, which has the ability to relax the muscle tone.With the growth of the fetus, particularly when it is most active, a woman can not cope with the load.Move the center of gravity, the expectant mother is constantly feeling tired and weak during pregnancy.Daily charging in this case will be indispensable for women regardless of age or on whether the account is in her pregnancy.Thanks

charge in pregnancy can prevent weight gain, because to lose weight after giving birth - not an easy task.In addition, the charge for pregnant women have a positive impact on the skin, giving it elasticity and, therefore, prevent the appearance of stretch marks that may remain for a long time, if ever.

Exercise well trained breathing, which is useful during labor and the first birth.If delivery is to take place easily, without complications, the child will not get asphyxiated, and a woman - breaks.

Well, we can not say that the morning exercise for pregnant women give vivacity and good mood for the whole day, which means that the protection of pregnant from negative emotions.Therefore fizzaryadka affects women psychologically, adjusting it to the happy ending.

when pregnancy can not do exercises?

contraindications to light exercise for pregnant almost none.However, before you start charging, it is necessary to consult a doctor the future mums who have had a miscarriage, premature birth, and (or) significant "adverse" effects of pregnancy.These include:

  • - strong toxicosis,
  • - a rapid spasm of the uterine muscles (tone),
  • - preeclampsia in the third trimester of pregnancy,
  • - frequent abdominal pain,
  • - spotting,
  • - anemia highdegree,
  • - the threat of termination of pregnancy.

If such negative signs of pregnancy is not present, a charge is sufficient to start from the beginning of the period.The main thing is to monitor their condition.If charging will bring discomfort in the form of pain or fatigue, it is better to stop, at least temporarily.

Charging for pregnant women.1 trimester

So now let's turn to exercise that pregnant women are allowed to do.In the 1st trimester, ie before 12 weeks of pregnancy, a woman's body occur great changes.To rebuild it on a new job, a charge is needed.Especially in this period of time laid all the important organs of the fetus, and this will help him in the physical health of the mother.

Charging for pregnant women in trimester 1 is very easy, becausea woman is not yet bulging tummy and does not interfere.It is aimed primarily at muscle relaxation, breathing exercises, as well as to maintain cheerful mood.Thus, exercises for pregnant charging 1 trimester:

  • 1. Walking on the spot (3-5 minutes).
    2. Starting position is standing.Bend your elbows and hold either in front of or put his hands on her waist.Making the slopes to the right and left sides.This palms cling to the waist.
    3. Lean forward and backward.This exercise is best done by applying and breathing exercises.Tilting forward - do exhale, lifting - Breathe.Backbends - breath again, to the starting position - exhale.
    4. Rotating head for clockwise and counterclockwise.
    5. wave of his hands forward in turn.
    6. Standing Up on your toes for a few seconds.Repeat 20-30 times.

best exercises repeated daily in the morning.On the charge should be paid no more than 15-20 minutes to avoid a heavy load.A woman's body is most vulnerable in 1 trimester, so in this period will approach these simple exercises and light exercises for pregnant women.

Charging for pregnant women.2

trimester second trimester of pregnancy - a calm and less dangerous period.Now my mother is not threatened miscarriage and the baby are formed all the vital organs, so he is not afraid of physical activity of the mother.Charging for pregnant women in the 2nd trimester aims to prepare for childbirth, iestretching muscles, strengthening the back and waist.Who can be a bit "load" and the lessons to increase to half an hour a day, but no more.Let's see what you can do exercises for pregnant women who have entered the 2nd trimester.

  • 1. In the sitting position to straighten the legs.We rely hands on the floor behind him.Makes a turn of the head to both sides.Then, bending his hands, turn the housing in both directions.Repeat the movement for 6-8 times.
    2. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.Making arms exercise "scissors" in front of him.That is, we put aside and cross them not quick movements.Repeat 8-10 times.This exercise strengthens the muscles of the chest.More about this can be compressed to a palm.
    3. In the sitting position to touch heel to buttocks.At the same time push the legs so that the stomach has not been compressed.Hands pull forward and bend your head trying to touch the floor.Repeat 3-4 times.
    4. In the sitting position bend the legs, connecting the foot.While pushing on his knees, trying to stretch the muscles of the thighs.Repeat 3-4 times.
    5. In a standing position to make a rotational movement of the body.At the same time we must try to remain motionless basin.

Charging for pregnant women.3 trimester

3 final trimester to a pregnant is the most difficult both physically and psychologically.The active growth of the fetus usually begins to 28-30 weeks of pregnancy.The woman is experiencing a heavy load on your back and try to bend it back to keep pulling in the abdomen.In addition, the expectant mother begins to worry about the upcoming birth, which further aggravates the process of pregnancy.

That is why it is very necessary during the exercise, which relieve fatigue, prepare women for childbirth, and most importantly, set it on a successful final pregnancy.So let's see what is shown on the last stages of charge to pregnant women.Third trimester - the time calm exercise aimed at relaxing, stretching the muscles of the back and pelvis.Here are some of them:

  • 1. Lie on your back and pull one leg touching her belly.Return the leg and do the same with the second.Repeat 6-8 times.
    2. In the sitting position bend legs and pull yourself.Putting his hands on his knees, to press his feet, trying to touch their sex.
    3. Standing on all fours, bend and arch the back 4-6 times.
    4. Kneel down, concave back, sitting on the heels.Then, getting up, bend your back backwards.Hog - exhale, flex back - inhale.

In the third trimester of uncomplicated, but no less useful exercise classes will be on fitball.Thanks to them a pregnant woman normalizes blood circulation, fatigue, and even goes reduced pressure, which increased the state is not only dangerous for the mother and for the baby.

on the ball, you can sit and sway in different directions.Then sit down, put the ball in front of him and squeezing his hands what is good trains pecs.Sitting on fitball is easy to make turns the body that help to strengthen the back muscles.And to relax, lie on breast ball, his arms and lightly shake myself.

After exercise at any stage, you can do light stretching to avoid muscle tension.Do not immediately laid to rest, it is better to take a walk in the fresh air, or do household chores.After charging - it is not only health, but also energy for the whole day.