Smoking - is problems in the health of the future baby

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29 April 2016

Smoking pregnant woman makes sensible people is not very pleasant emotions.Pregnancy itself involves the conception of a new life.Even the church softens its canons and blesses a woman who is at the heart of her child.

Mom need everyone, especially unborn child.For now, it is entirely dependent on the mother's body.What vitamins will use it, which will take to the healthy development of the child or poison it with alcohol and nicotine.


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  1. In early pregnancy
  2. harm caused by the body
  3. Effects of nicotine
  4. What is dangerous bears passive smoking pregnant
  5. How to quit smoking?Should I throw sharply?
  6. Shocking statistics


mother - is the personification of care, love and all the best in the world.It is a pity that many women, choosing the path of motherhood, do not think about the health and future development of their unborn baby.They continue to smoke, causing involuntary "smoking" and the unborn baby.

In early pregnancy

smoking in the first trimester helps predisposition to cancer, a risk of genetic mutations and defects of facial tissues.In the first month of pregnancy smoking is so dangerous that can lead to the death of the embryo.The reason is the insufficient supply of oxygen.With each puff unborn child feels short gasps.

As a result, the required amount of oxygen supplied to the brain, kidneys, heart and liver, which are formed just in the first months of pregnancy.Doctors watching women smokers have noticed that a child in the womb, even if you want to smoke builds grimaces and winces.

If, during the formation of the necessary authorities will receive less nutrients and so the desired tissue cells of oxygen, further their work in full capacity, it may be difficult, because initially in their formation failed.

In the first month of the fetus are formed the heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, liver.Because smoking is weakened umbilical cord and thus can not cope with the necessary speed of metabolism.

In the second month, there is a bookmark of other organs of the child: stomach, pancreas and intestines.Brain growth occurs, forming legs and arms.The formation of hair, formed the head, mouth, nose, eyes and ears.Therefore intake of nicotine in the body can trigger the development of "cleft palate" or "cleft lip".

In the third month the fetus already opens her mouth and tries to move, he develops voice-machine, genitals grow the nail plate.You can listen to a little heart, which makes itself felt at 150 beats per minute.How can harm the nascent little man just one breath of cigarette smoke?

According to statistics 1/5 of all miscarriages in pregnant smokers occurs in the first trimester.Brain cells are not yet sufficiently legalize the already begin to die.

harm caused by the body

Smoking during pregnancy causes irreparable harm to the body baby, because the poison formed from nicotine enters directly into his body.The placenta can not protect the fetus of smoking.Passing through the blood of the embryo smoking women, contains a greater concentration of poisonous substances, therefore, in the body of the child she is not below.

Nicotine degree of toxicity can be equated with hydrocyanic acid.He is neytropnym poison.It promotes vasoconstriction, thereby increase the pressure in pregnant women, increased heart rate, hampered delivery of beneficial nutrients to the organs and to the fetus.As a consequence, the child is born with less weight.

Carbon dioxide is produced by burning cigarette, is very dangerous.He enters the lungs and then into the blood.All pregnant doctors always advise to walk more, to breathe fresh air.Oxygenated blood contributes to the successful development of the baby in the womb.

How smoking affects pregnancy?What's happening?Under the influence of nicotine narrows blood vessels, tissues experiencing oxygen starvation, the heart tries to compensate for his work.There comes a fetal hypoxia, which is extremely detrimental to the developing organism.The brain does not receive much-needed oxygen, which is also poisoned and nicotine.

Another chemical is a carcinogen enters the body by burning cigarettes - is benzopyrene.It is quite dangerous even in minimal concentrations because can accumulate in the body.The main danger of it - is the ability to cause mutation of future generations.

Thereby mutated genes may contribute to children or deformity in the best case there is a predisposition to chronic diseases or various allergic reactions.Scientists have proven that benzopyrene tends to penetrate into the body, not only via the respiratory tract but also via the gastro-intestinal system, the skin and the most dangerous placenta.

Effects of nicotine

Pregnancy and smoking do not mix.Mothers who smoke during pregnancy are not seldom born babies in the early stages.But even among children born at term weight behind the norm.Due to the insufficient supply of necessary substances to the fetus, the unborn child may differ retarded or found serious problems with the development in the future is the development of pathology.Down syndrome is more common in babies born to women who suffer from nicotine addiction.

Because of the effects of nicotine on the development of the fetus can happen their underdevelopment.Women who smoke, children can die in the first months of life.Nicotine harms the health of the child in the womb.

scientists concluded that smoking can influence the sex of the child.Male embryos die under the influence of poison, so smoking during pregnancy women are born girls.It has been proved by many experiments.Exploring smoking parents, experts came to an unusual conclusion that female children are born in 2 times more often than men.Even second-hand smoke at the smoking husband decreases the likelihood of giving birth to a male 1/3.

Passive smoking also contributes to fetal hypoxia.The reproductive system of the child susceptible to a lack of oxygen, so its reproductive system suffers.It often affects boys.

Often children whose mothers had not given up smoking during pregnancy are born already addicted to tobacco smoke.Therefore, they often adopt the habit from their parents.In the future, these children are showing signs of misbehavior four times more likely than children whose mothers did not nicotine poisoned their children in the womb.

2 times more likely to occur in smokers miscarriages in pregnant women.This happens because the placenta and fetus lack of oxygen.

in direct proportion to the number of cigarettes, and various problems arise.One of them is the threat of placental abruption.It increases by 25% in women who smoke half a pack of cigarettes per day.And may rise to 65% if a pregnant woman is a smoker with a great experience.

What is dangerous bears passive smoking pregnant?

When talking about smoking pregnant women should avoid issues of passive smoking.Damage to receive future mom that she does not smoke, but is in a society of smokers, almost as if she smoked herself.Passive smoking is also carcinogenic and mutagenic effects on the fetus.

The study of pregnant women, which has long been in a room filled with smoke of cigarette smoke on the ultrasound monitor the child's behavior can be seen.He is restless, heartbeat quickens, his bad breath, he wants to hide, seek protection.This behavior of the fetus can be observed even after a single impact of nicotine on the body of the future mother.

not intentionally inhaling tobacco smoke, there is irritation of the respiratory tract, thus creating the prerequisites for treatment of acute respiratory diseases.The required dose of oxygen when breathing is replaced by tobacco smoke, which negatively affects the growth and development of the baby.

Penetrating into the mother's blood nicotine can cause serious damage to the health and development of the unborn child.Often, these children suffer from asthma, reduced level of vision.Increased risk of sudden death the kid - a child dies of an unknown cause.Or the baby may be born dead.

addition to the above risks the fetus, you can add and malaise of a woman who loses necessary, in its position of vitamin C. This causes dizziness and headaches, stomach cramps, nausea, and so forth.

Every woman in the "interesting situation"is obliged to know the effects of passive smoking on the unborn child.Nicotine, penetrating smoke from cigarettes, it contributes to the weakening of the lungs kid already in utero.What can trigger the development of pneumonia, asthma and bronchitis.

Often these children observed the development of food allergy.The problem is that the allergen identify problematic.A child is born with weakened immune systems, thus it is subject to the perception of the masses of microbes that are around him.A disease in the first weeks of life, may affect the delay in the development of the baby.

effects of passive smoking, even with careful observance of the advice of doctors, taking care of their own health may be negative effects.It is necessary to treat a pregnant woman waiting for a long-awaited moment of crumbs very responsible.And focus on that all family members.

worth to take into account that the presence of more than three hours in the company of smokers, increases the risk of having a weakened underweight baby.Woman in position, if she does not smoke, it must be attentive to the surrounding atmosphere.After taking care of the health of the unborn baby - this is her first priority.

How to quit smoking?Should I throw sharply?

Doctors say that eight hours after the last puff, the blood is already capable of delivering oxygen to the tissues of the body, not the nicotine.Two days later a man begin to fully operate the taste and olfactory analyzers.Within a week the skin and improves the complexion.And most importantly - the child starts to breathe in oxygen and getting all the nutrients in the required quantity.Is not that bright prospects for a pregnant woman who still thinks to throw a cigarette or not.

This is a major step, a difficult step.But for the sake of a healthy future for your child is to overcome it.

ideal situation, doctors say, is giving up smoking two years of the alleged conception.Even if a woman belongs to a chain smoker with a lot of experience, she has a chance to recover during this time.

But if you happen to have an unplanned pregnancy smoking women, it is necessary to reject a cigarette as soon as possible.Although representatives of Medicine warn that dramatically can only quit smoking early in pregnancy, but the later - you should consult with your doctor.

women with many years of nicotine addiction, quit smoking should gradually and carefully.For the body and the pregnancy itself stress.And if these two factors are superimposed on each other, the woman's body begins to react very painfully.However, there are many examples when women find out what it is in the position, there is a feeling of aversion to cigarettes.Probably, these future mothers life "program" that cigarettes and pregnancy are incompatible.

But, unfortunately, there is another category of women.When forced a sharp stop smoking among women may decrease heart rate, thereby increasing the frequency of muscle contractions, and as a result lead to miscarriage.

disease state may last up to a whole month.The main thing to realize that a pregnant woman should think not only about themselves but also with the responsibility to approach the development of the unborn child.

smoking cessation is recommended, there are a lot of vitamins, especially broccoli and celery.They contribute to the removal of toxins from the body.Vitamin C contained in oranges, lemons, black currants facilitate "parting" with a bad habit.

recommended to use milk.It is proved that it alters the taste of nicotine and promotes feelings of aversion to smoking.Even if a woman does not drink milk, it is enough to wet and dry cigarette.Bitterness from zakurennoy such cigarettes cause an aversion of the female body.

also to facilitate smoking cessation can help nicotine patches.Walking in the fresh air, mint tablets, a glass of water or chewing gum can help distract a woman thought to smoke.

For the future of the baby is necessary to try and quit the habit.Otherwise it may happen irreparable.

Shocking statistics

American scientists in the field of medicine at the University of Southern California conducted a number of studies the DNA of women who have not given up, and smoking during pregnancy, their children and grandchildren.Experts were trying to establish the level of risk for children and grandchildren with the disease of asthma.Scientists studied in children under five years.Some children are already suffering from this disease, and the other - was healthy.

findings were stunning.Grandchildren, smoking during pregnancy, women likely to develop asthma 2.1 times higher than normal.And the children of these women - in 1.5raza.If my grandmother, and my mother had a child addiction, the risk of asthma increased to 2.6 times from the norm.

Thus, future mums, it is worth considering whether it is possible to smoke during pregnancy.After all, research confirms one truth - smoking can cause long-term adverse impact on future generations.

statistics are horrifying Russia - smoking women in the position of up to 50% of all pregnant women.What's happening?Women are probably not fully represent the consequences of their weakness.What threatens to nicotine dependence?

Babies born to smoking mothers are at risk to get sixteenth birthday obesity or diabetes.

The boys, who instead of oxygen received a dose of nicotine in the womb, the testicles are often smaller than normal, and later sperm concentration below 20%.

susceptible children whose mothers experienced nicotine dependence, smoking is much higher than children of mothers who care about their health and the health of your baby.

probability of miscarriage, in smoking during pregnancy, mothers up to 41% have not kuryaschih- 7.4.%.

Premature birth occur in 14% of those who like cigarette smoke.

mortality rate during childbirth, smokers 40% higher than non-smokers women.

fetal anemia, slow growth development body in the womb - is all the consequences of a bad habit.

26% higher risk of smoking mothers have the appearance of a baby born with a squint.

Children born to a woman who spent the entire pregnancy with a cigarette, far behind its peers in the intellectual and physical development.Besides, emotional development often leaves much to be desired.These are children with uncontrolled emotion.They often get sick because of reduced immunity and are often exposed to diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma.

Thus, a woman who wants to be a mom can not be so irresponsible to treat the health of the unborn child.