Monthly during pregnancy

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21 April 2016

believed that monthly during pregnancy do not go, and that is the absence of bleeding and is determined, in fact, the presence of the fetus in the belly of the expectant mother.Therefore, if the selection is, you can start to get upset.Or not worth it?Some ladies punctually claim that they have during pregnancy are monthly, while uterine pregnancy develops, and the blood is still there!So is there or not?Are investigated with a double standard.

Monthly during pregnancy

monthly during pregnancy: Are there any monthly pregnancy

Monthly during pregnancy - it sounds a bit strange.Are there periods during pregnancy?Let's say that these facts are known to science.And it is not only abnormal discharge, which may indicate a health problem, but also that the real menstruation in rare cases actually observed!So science proved that monthly during pregnancy can go.But such a case occurs once in a million.And, alas, on the mental and physical health of children born to mothers, pregnant women suffer all the menstruation, can not sp


If during pregnancy are monthly

But!If during pregnancy are monthly, this is not normal.In rare cases, the first few months there may be something similar to the uterine bleeding, which can easily be mistaken for menstruation shot down that, in fact, happening.There were cases when the ladies until the fourth month of his position did not know, did not start until quickening or a strange increase in the abdomen.Why

monthly during pregnancy should not go

Let's look at why monthly during pregnancy should not go.When the fertilized egg reaches the uterus, the body literally scrambles to keep it in place, and therefore increases the production of progesterone, a hormone that allows the ovum to settle down, and the uterus - cut and deprive foreign to her element.When menstruation begins, painful uterine contractions just explains.If you go "monthly" during pregnancy, it indicates that the apparent discord in the body, greatly disturbed hormonal balance, progesterone is not enough, and there's a huge chance that the uterus simply reject the embryo.

Therefore, if the presence of the fetus has been diagnosed, tests are positive, HCG also "pregnant", then for any oddities with the secretions need to immediately go to the doctor and not to listen to those who have property to claim that two or three cycles may go monthly whenpregnancy, and nothing.Any abnormal discharge - a sign of the threat of disruption of pregnancy, detachment of the ovum.With this diagnosis is necessary in the hospital and to preserve.

Why can go monthly pregnancy: diseases

Then why can go month of pregnancy?To begin with, the first reason for the month during pregnancy - a progesterone deficiency.In such a case is assigned to a drug therapy that maintains pregnancy in the normal state.

If a woman has a hormonal failure manifests itself in the direction of the male type, it is called hyperandrogenism.In this case, androgens, male hormones begin to displace from the ovum of the female body, and this pathology is exactly amenable to medical treatment.

the presence of uterine fibroids or endometriosis fertilized egg to attach to the area where there is pathology, too, will the body had confiscated.

Monthly in early pregnancy pathology fetal development

Monthly in early pregnancy can cause missed abortion or malformations incompatible with life of the fetus when the mother's body rejects the embryo.

Finally, monthly during pregnancy may indicate that it is an ectopic pregnancy.If the US has not been done in a timely manner, and the embryo begins to develop in the fallopian tube, it threatens to very serious consequences, up to the operation.If the test is positive, it is sure to pass the timely investigation of the location of the ovum to avoid such anomalies.

These monthly during pregnancy

Which month of pregnancy!- Exclaim woman - If you are pregnant, you should not have any!And once gone, so is not pregnant.Logically?Yes, but not always.Normal monthly during pregnancy can also have, and yet we denote the exceptional case when the fertilized egg remains in place, not rejected, and even the threat of miscarriage is not, but every month the endometrium will desire to live their lives and updated as he wants.And, accordingly, on the background of ongoing pregnancy go monthly.Once again, the case of one in a million, so if you are in eager anticipation of conception, we should not delude ourselves superfluous hope that this is your case.