The threat of miscarriage in early pregnancy: symptoms, causes and treatment

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09 April 2016

At the stage of pregnancy to 22 weeks can often hear such a diagnosis as a risk of miscarriage in early pregnancy.But worry ahead of time is not necessary, it is not justified in all cases, although future mom brings a lot of restless thoughts.You need to know what started miscarriage differs from the so-called threats.Take the necessary measures with the diagnosis still stands.


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  1. miscarriage in the early stages: general information
  2. threatened abortion: symptoms
  3. threat of miscarriage: Causes
  4. threat of miscarriage: treatment

The threat of miscarriage in early pregnancy: symptoms, causes and treatment

miscarriage in the early stages: general information

Miscarriage happens:

  • • threatening;
  • • started;
  • • abortion in progress;
  • • developing pregnancy.

The danger is greatest in the critical periods of prenatal development of the baby.Threatened miscarriage in early pregnancy can happen in such periods: the fourth-fifth, eighth and ninth and the eleventh-twelfth week of pregnancy.In these time intervals the emb

ryo and later the fetus is most vulnerable.But there is a threat of a miscarriage at 20 weeks and up to 22 weeks pregnant so you need to carefully monitor their health.

threat of miscarriage:

Symptoms Symptoms of threatened abortion is required to know any future mummy when planning pregnancy.If the background of cessation of menstruation, pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, bloody vaginal discharge - should immediately visit a gynecologist.

Secretions have a different view - smearing, abundant, can go quite a long time or have a short-term form, even the color is both saturated and pale.It happens that the bleeding stops and then starts again.Selections - this is not one hundred percent risk of miscarriage in the early stages, they may indicate a less serious problem - the implantation of the ovum, or some failure in the hormonal system, but, nevertheless, to protect yourself, you need a professional inspection.

the case of early pregnancy, which is considered a pregnancy up to 12 weeks, a woman may not be aware of their situation and to take the typical allocation of menstruation.

pain or an uncomfortable feeling in the lower abdomen accompanied by a threat of termination of pregnancy is not always, so this symptom is not a key benchmark.

the question of what to do with the threat of miscarriage - the answer is clear: an urgent need to go to the hospital.With timely and appropriate therapy initiated a good opportunity to save the baby.

In addition, it is worth considering that developing pregnancy can be asymptomatic.And only an expert on inspection notice that the size of the uterus is less provisions for pregnancy.Confirmation of the diagnosis is done by ultrasound.

threat of miscarriage: Causes

Home and the most common cause of early abortions - gene mutations.In such cases, a woman's body itself performs selection and rejects non-viable embryos.

In second place - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus, which is unable to implant the fertilized egg.Often, these situations happen after induced abortion.

Among other reasons for abortion are the following:

  • • endocrine (androgen excess, lack of progesterone hormone imbalance thyroid and adrenal glands);
  • • immunologic (Rhesus-conflict);
  • • structure abnormalities of the reproductive system;
  • • infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis, trichomoniasis, herpes, influenza, hepatitis and other diseases).

to prevent possible complications, a pregnant woman should know, can not do in any case.Avoid:

  • • intake of alcoholic beverages;
  • • the use of certain medications (antibiotics, narcotic analgesics, and others.);
  • • the use of medicinal herbs;
  • • smoking;
  • • stress, nervous disorders;
  • • impressive exercise;
  • • flight or long car ride (it is important to note that the period of risk, it is desirable to completely abandon travel).

All these actions can also lead to the tragic outcome of pregnancy.

Another reason is the age of the woman, the higher it is, the higher the risk of miscarriage.Exactly how age affects the appearance of the threat, no single answer.But aware of the fact that women who are over 35 abortions occur about twice as often.Doctors suggest that this is due to the fact that the egg age.

threat of miscarriage:

treatment for the prevention of miscarriage should be prepared in advance in pregnancy, to minimize the risk risk factors, ensure that no diseases, and, if necessary, carry out the correction of deviations in a state of their own health.

asked what to drink with the threat of miscarriage, the correct answer can be given only a doctor, because the danger of self-medication is quite high.

pregnant, in a situation when a possible miscarriage, it is important to reduce anxiety to a minimum, because the expert is often administered sedation (usually in their composition should be only natural ingredients).It is also often prescribed all sorts of antispasmodics to relieve uterine tone and restorative vitamins.When hormonal disorders doctor prescribes medications that stabilize the imbalance and help normalize the course of pregnancy.If the threat of miscarriage happens in the later stages, one of the options to prevent the development process, placing the ring on the cervix, which eliminates the threat of premature disclosure of the birth canal.