How to check the patency of the fallopian tubes

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09 April 2016

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  1. Why and when to check the patency of the fallopian tubes
  2. Check tubal patency roentgen
  3. Check tubal patency US
  4. Verificationtubal patency as do laparoscopy
  5. Check tubal patency as do ehogisterosalpingoskopiyu
  6. How to determine tubal patency

How to check the patency of the fallopian tubes

Why and when to check the patency of the fallopian tubes

Fallopian tubes is a transport channel for eggand for sperm, and consequently their normal functioning is essential for conceiving a child.The causes obstruction of the fallopian tubes may be a few, here are the main ones: the formation of adhesions, physiological pathology pipes, infringement of ciliated cover the walls of the pipes.

Typically, analysis of tubal patency is appointed in the case of infertility.Although such examinations are recommended for regularly, about once a year.Early detection of the disease contributes to the speedy deliverance from it.How to check the patency of the fallopian tubes, will be described below.

Check tubal patency roentgen

first catheter into the vagina with a liquid of specific blue color, easy Lockable X-ray machine.This fluid is not able to harm the woman's genitals.Before and after the introduction of the liquid are made X-rays.How to look tubal patency for pictures?The first picture taken before the introduction of the liquid, according to the quiescent state uterus and fallopian tubes.The second picture shows how the authorities responded and whether the liquid has penetrated into the region of the abdominal cavity, or it stopped in the fallopian tubes.The procedure is recommended in the period when the reproductive system of women is preparing to conclude the egg, and thus expand the fallopian tubes, thereby providing a passage for the liquid, poured before the test.

Check tubal patency US

ultrasound tubal patency is a little different from the usual abdominal ultrasound, although it uses the same machine.The difference is in particular to the preparation procedure.To determine by ultrasound tubal patency woman takes a horizontal position, and then her vagina entered a special liquid that can be seen during the ultrasound study.Ultrasound sensor apparatus in the present method is applied externally to study the lower abdomen.In the image on the monitor ultrasound technician can determine whether the liquid passes into the uterus or in the pipes because of their obstruction.Check tubal patency ultrasound machine is recommended in the middle of the cycle, that is, just before ovulation.

check for tubal patency as do laparoscopy

Check tubal patency using a laparoscope, it is generally recommended if you need one hundred percent confidence, or surgery.Is the procedure by penetration into the abdominal cavity is very thin device.This instrument, or rather, the sensor laparoscope inserted through the hole in the abdominal cavity, which quickly grows and becomes virtually invisible after the procedure.The sensor transmits the image to a monitor in real time, in connection with which an expert can detect obstruction or tubal patency.Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure and, consequently, performed under general anesthesia.It should be noted, though small, but still a risk of injury.

Check tubal patency as do ehogisterosalpingoskopiyu

Ehogisterosalpingoskopiya performed using ultrasound machine.Unlike conventional ultrasonography lies in the fact that the sensor device is inserted through the vagina and examines the state of the inside of the fallopian tubes.This method makes it possible to conduct a survey on the patency of the fallopian tubes, and to identify other diseases that lead to infertility, for example, impaired mucosal pipes.Harm and benefits of research in this way are regarded differently, as ultrasonic irradiation may harm the genitals and may help relieve inflammation.Ehogisterosalpingoskopiya on tubal patency is popularly called vaginal ultrasound is not used for detection of inflammatory and infectious diseases of the genital organs of women.

How to determine tubal patency

In medicine, there are four main ways of checking tubal patency.How to check the patency of the fallopian tubes, dependent on the doctor's instructions, more precisely, from preliminary laboratory and physiological characteristics of the female organism.Women should not be afraid of any of the methods of research, as modern medicine provides for all of these procedures, with no adverse effects.

in order to identify any procedure for checking tubal patency is suitable in a particular case, are appointed by the general urine and blood, gynecological smear and visual inspection on the gynecological chair.If the initial examination revealed the presence of inflammatory processes in the genital area of ​​women, it is necessary to pre-treatment.Before carrying out the specific checks can be assigned and additional analyzes, such as HIV or hepatitis.

study of tubal patency methods require penetration into the genitals of a woman during pregnancy is almost impossible.X-ray results in exposure of genitals, and consequently, after X-rays need to be protected for one month.Some methods of analysis of tubal patency allow us to study some diseases, some others.In this regard, the choice of method depends on the gynecologist, and a woman can only find a good specialist and strictly follow his orders.