Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

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08 April 2016

Hemorrhoids - a disease characterized by bleeding and loss of internal nodes of rectal venous plexus.Education hemorrhoids during pregnancy brings a woman the discomfort and pain that adversely affect the fetus.After all, the emotional state of

the mother of the future depends on the development and formation of the fetus.


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  1. Possible complications
  2. Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy
  3. Other ways to treat hemorrhoids in pregnant

Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is a verya difficult task, because the reception of any medications can cause serious complications that can cause the development of abnormalities in the baby.Therefore many future moms delaying treatment of hemorrhoids in the "dark box", absolutely not thinking about the consequences that it may be expected immediately after birth.

Possible complications

Hemorrhoids is not a harmless disease.In addition to the negative impact on the emotional state of a woman who expressed persistent discomfort and pain can seriously harm the baby.

The thing is that the resulting nodes cause death of tissue that open the way infections.This infection can easily penetrate to the fetus through the bloodstream and can occur in utero infection.

Hemorrhoids also cause bleeding, which can lead to a decrease in the level of hemoglobin in the blood, which can cause hypoxia, ie lack of oxygen, carrying a large threat to the life of the fetus.Also, bleeding may cause anemia (anemia), which may adversely affect the development of the brain and cardiovascular system.

treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is very important because after the birth the woman's condition can rapidly deteriorate due to the progressive development of the disease, which may require more time and money costs of his treatment.

Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy

treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnant women occurs mainly conservative way.Surgery is required only in extreme cases where the hemorrhoid is a threat to the quality of life of the pregnant woman and the fetus.

Today, there are many drugs that allow the treatment of external hemorrhoids during pregnancy, even in the I trimester, with no fear of the condition of the woman and the fetus.

But since the drugs are very large amount, the question arises: "How to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy?".There are special creams and suppositories that contain components that have a therapeutic effect and do not cause allergic reactions.These medications include:

  1. «Relief" - the drug is released in the form of ointments and suppositories that are inserted into the anus.The main component of this drug is a shark liver.That it has a therapeutic effect - improves blood circulation and prevents the loss of venous knots.It can be used on the I trimester of pregnancy regardless of the stage of disease.It has an analgesic effect.
  2. «Neo-Anuzol" - this drug comes in the form of candles.Can be applied for a long time and at all stages of pregnancy.The only limitation - idiosyncrasy iodine.
  3. «Posterisan" - issued in the form of ointments and suppositories.It can be used for medicinal purposes, and prevention at all stages of pregnancy.
  4. «Procto-gevenol", another drug marketed in the form of candles.This drug has a fairly high cost, but the efficiency is much higher than its previous counterparts.Treatment of external hemorrhoids during pregnancy in the I trimester, unfortunately, they can not.In II and III trimester of pregnancy using this drug can be produced even when the treatment is advanced stages of the disease.
  5. «Gepatrombin" is also an effective drug in the treatment of hemorrhoids, which comes in the form of candles.However, its use in the first trimester of pregnancy is not possible, as there are fears of harm to the fetus.Also, this drug is used as a preparation for a patient before surgically removing nodes.
  6. Heparin ointment is the cheapest way to treat hemorrhoids in pregnant women.But it only helps in the early stages of the disease.

If you're wondering what to treat hemorrhoids in pregnancy, then your best bet is to contact your doctor, which you are registered.After pregnancy - is a state where any false move can lead to serious complications.Do not self-medicate, because in this case it is not just about your health and well-being, but also your unborn baby.

Other ways to treat hemorrhoids in pregnant

There are other ways to treat hemorrhoids in pregnant women.However, these methods are only used when the disease has turned into a more serious stage, and can harm the fetus.These methods include:

  • • Sclerotherapy - a procedure in which the input unit in a special sclerosing agent.The result is a gradual death of tissue, and in 7 - 10 days falling nodules.Used in the treatment of hemorrhoids 2 and 3 degrees.It is safe during pregnancy.Within an hour after the procedure, the patient can lead a normal life.
  • • Internal hemorrhoids in pregnant women be treated with a latex-doped ring that clamps the base unit and it covers the supply of all the blood, causing it to die off.
  • • Burnt nodes using infrared or laser product.It is also safe and effective.
  • • Surgical technique - rarely used.

If you go to the doctor to the question "how to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy," he will tell you that you must first try medication, but only after other methods.Since it is the most safe and effective.Apply ointments and suppositories are also to be applied after the full treatment as prevention, particularly before the forthcoming birth when under intense pressure nodules may again fall out of the anus and the disease begins to progress again.