How to choose a face cream for pregnant women?

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14 April 2016

for future mothers, it is important to choose a face cream for pregnant women.After all, most of them suffer from problems such as too oily or dry skin.There are women who say at the appearance of age spots, while others suffer from constant redness.All this can occur quite suddenly, resulting in hormonal failure.So take care of your skin you need to correct, since the first days of pregnancy.

How to choose a face cream for pregnant women

Face Cream for pregnant women must provide a perfect care for the skin.And only then we can not be afraid for the emergence of some trouble.

problems that may arise

There are several common problems that usually occur in pregnant women.Knowing them, you can be prepared for these troubles and to prepare for their solution:

Combination skin.Only during pregnancy, women can face a problem when the skin on your face becomes oily and body - dry.In this case, not only have to use special creams, and additional cosmetic (eg, lotion or gel).There are even special features that are designed for pregnant women.T

hey contain vitamin C, essential oils, vitamin E, as well as unique sunscreens.

Vascular asterisks.On the face of future mothers often there are such unpleasant spider veins.This demonstrates that the vessels have been greatly expanding.To avoid this problem, it is recommended to use special creams, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy.

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Acne.Almost every woman in the state is faced with the appearance of inflammation.The main solution to the problem - how to find a good moisturizing and deep cleansing face cream.You do not need to take independent action.It is better to consult a dermatologist for help.

What should be contained in the cream for pregnant

decide to purchase a good face cream?Then it is necessary to take into account that the media should not contain harmful substances that can affect the course of pregnancy and fetal development.Among them:

Retinoids.Despite the fact that many face creams add chemicals on the basis of vitamin A pregnant girl should find a means by which they will not.The fact that the higher dose of vitamin A can harm your fetus.Therefore, they do not need to use.How do I know that means there are retinoids.You should alert the terms such as a part of: Tazorac, Differin, Retinyl linoleate and other foreign words derived from Retinol.

Salicylic acid.The advantage of this ingredient is that it has an antiseptic effect and can effectively remove dead skin cells.Therefore, salicylic acid is a cosmetic intended for combination and oily skin.But pregnant women should be monitored closely to their face cream does not contain salicylic acid.Otherwise, it can lead to complications and pathologies in the development of the fetus.

Perfumery odorants.They can cause allergic reactions.Therefore, future moms should be possible to refuse to use them, and the means in which they are included.The store now a huge selection of cosmetics.

is necessary to pay attention to the fact that every cream for pregnant women should have a special mark:

  • clinically tested;
  • Approved by the Ministry of Health.

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Of the variety of cosmetic products, which are on the market, do not buy the first thing that comes.Face cream for pregnant women should be individualized and very carefully.After all, it affects not only the health of mom, but her unborn baby.