Can I sunbathe pregnant?

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14 April 2016

Pregnancy - is not a reason to forget about their appearance.Every woman in the lifelong want to look attractive even during childbearing.With the onset of summer, most of the population begins to actively visit the beaches, wanting to get a beautiful chocolate skin tone, but future mothers stop them "interesting situation."Those who do not know whether it is possible to sunbathe pregnant, make one of two mistakes: refuse completely from sunbathing on the beach or spend a long time, achieving an even, lasting tan.

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  1. Tan and pregnancy
  2. ban on tanning Sun
  3. rules for pregnant
  4. Sunburn sea - can you?

Can I sunbathe pregnant

Tan and pregnancy

Asked whether pregnant women sunbathe, it is worth noting the positive aspects.

  • 1. The sun helps the production of vitamin D, which is sufficient to prevent development of rickets in the fetus.
  • 2. Sunbathing enhance mood and improve health of the future mother.
  • 3. Can pregnant women to sunbathe in if daily life is a little woman in the sun.Despite
    popular belief about the dangers of UV rays warm enhance immunity, stimulate the work of many organs, improve metabolism.
  • 4. In the sun, excessive sweating occurs, which goes along with the toxins from the body.

sun for the mother - a great source of energy, well-being and mood.That is why, after relaxing on the beach woman disappears depression and stop torturing her morning sickness.

ban on tanning

Many of the older generation (mother and grandmother) believe that tanning is contraindicated in pregnancy.This is for certain reasons:

  • possible deterioration of health due to the dry air;
  • possible sunstroke;
  • on the beach, where rests a lot of people, there is a risk of getting the game ball in the belly or drop children running around;
  • If the beach is dirty, you can injure a leg and bring an infection that adversely affect the well-being of the mother and the developing fetus.

considered reasons for the ban sunbathing during pregnancy are major.But these troubles can be avoided by resting in sparsely populated areas, wearing tight panamku.Walk on the sand only need shoes to prevent scratches and abrasions.For another reason, the refusal by the sun include the likelihood of pigment spots under the active influence of estrogen.Also, the ultraviolet rays of the sun are dangerous when in the body is large moles.They can cause skin cancer.

Terms Sun for pregnant

answer is yes to the question whether it is possible to sunbathe during pregnancy, but only under a few rules.

  • Sunbathing during pregnancy is possible only in the morning till 10 o'clock in the evening, after 16 hours.At other times the likelihood of sunstroke increases several times.
  • can not remain long on the beach.During childbearing tan falls much faster than non-pregnant women.It is not necessary to wear down yourself and wait until the skin becomes golden brown.It is better to allocate a beach holiday for 1-2 hours once a week.
  • must be worn on the head panama, eye - glasses.
  • Do not lie on gravel or sand - under the sun, they heat up to 60 degrees, which increases the risk of getting sunburn and overheating of the body.Rest of the pregnant woman needs a special rug, where the head is slightly raised.
  • Set chaise longue in the middle of the beach in direct sunlight - not the best idea for the expectant mother.We need to find a place in the shade of trees or to put an umbrella.Sunburn can also be obtained in the shade.With a
  • must be non-carbonated cool water.Cold drinks can not drink - a sharp change in temperature can lead to colds.
  • Sunbathing during pregnancy is recommended, accompanied by a loved one.
  • impossible to sleep under the sun!
  • To prevent sunburn, you need to buy a special protective cream containing no preservatives and various fragrances.

Sunburn sea - can you?

If so, is it possible to sunbathe during pregnancy, of course, what about the rest of the sea?Terms of residence on the sea similar - from sunbathing harm will not be subject to the above rules.Moreover, sea water and air contain many trace elements that improve health, metabolism, respiration.The benefits of swimming and do not be overestimated - soft waves relaxes, tones, improves blood circulation.On the sea you can sunbathe pregnant no more than 2 hours a day.At this time, it includes swimming, because while swimming as the sun's rays fall on the body.

As for swimming, the expectant mother should not swim in stagnant water.They contain a lot of pathogens that can cause infections (thrush, vaginosis).

Before bathing need to check the water - not cold she.The temperature of the reservoir must exceed mark of 20 degrees, otherwise the increased risk of seizures.For the same reason you can not swim away, or even better - to swim, accompanied by her husband.

Is it possible for pregnant women to sunbathe on the sea for complications?Certainly not.The issue of travel to warm countries should solve watching gynecologist.And if there are contraindications (threat of interruption, the tone of the uterus, viral and bacterial diseases), the expectant mother can not travel.In some cases, your doctor may not allow even sunbathing during pregnancy as sunbathing is fraught with complications as uterine bleeding, premature birth, abortion.Therefore, with the onset of summer, the expectant mother should consult your gynecologist.

Can I sunbathe during pregnancy?Yes, you can, but only in compliance with safety regulations, accompanied by a loved one, in designated areas, and with the approval of the gynecologist.If the expectant mother are no contraindications, then sunbathing only would benefit her and her baby.