When labor begins, if the plug is moved?

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03 April 2016

positive pregnancy test - it is a symbol of change in the small world of couples, especially women.It seems that the news about the appearance of a new life inside of you, the most exciting and anxious, but there is still 9 months, which are full of surprises and discoveries.When labor begins, the mucus plug will depart, and amniotic fluid, all the time will stop for a moment before meeting the long-awaited child.


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  1. Conductors pregnancy
  2. main precursors of birth
  3. withdrew the cork when labor begins?
  4. What if moves mucus plug?

When labor begins, if the plug is moved?

Conductors pregnancy

all stages and changes in the body while waiting for a miracle due to the efficient work of the endocrine and nervous systems.Who speaks in the conductor?Hypothalamus.The endocrine gland, which is also part of the brain.It is sensitive to small changes in the blood and is responsible for the synthesis of hormones in turn control the activity of all the other endocrine glands.

Once the fertilized egg is embedded in the lining of the uterus begins to rise the level of hCG and progesterone - the main hormone of pregnancy.This catch receptors in the hypothalamus and trigger a chain of complex reconstructions throughout the body of the future mother.Throughout subsequent pregnancy fairly high level of progesterone provides all the necessary processes and normal development of the fetus.

What happens when deliveries should start soon and moves mucus plug?The level of progesterone decreases towards the end of pregnancy, estrogen and becomes larger.This leads to an increase in muscle tone of the uterus and its periodic reductions.Increasing pressure during contractions pushes the mucous plug, and her amniotic fluid.Every woman is different sensitivity to estrogen, so the period between the way walked cork, and the onset of labor varies.

main precursors of birth

Many women often try to figure out what they are, these harbingers of birth?And this is natural, because every pregnant worried about himself and his long-awaited baby and she wants to know reliably when labor begins when the plug moved, how to recognize the real fight or not?

There are signs or harbingers of sorts, which can be traced in some cases:

  • 1. frequent urination and stool that is associated with a wide action of estrogen, which increases not only the uterine contractility.
  • 2. Weight loss, many pregnant noted that in the last month of their body weight does not increase and sometimes decrease.This is due to a decrease in body fluids (incidentally, swelling go!) - Another effect of estrogen.
  • 3. Mom becomes irritable, often depressed.Still, soon the whole rhythm of her life will depend on the needs and well-being of the child.Besides, what could be more exhausting than waiting for?
  • 4. Lowered belly, changing gait.
  • 5. Pain in the abdomen and in the lumbar region.
  • 6. Leaves mucus plug.

When the bear?When will all these tests?Unfortunately, reliable answers to these questions no one can.After the body of each individual women: different sensitivities to certain agents, hormones, including different types of nervous system, and hence the excitability of muscle fibers.Therefore, for each occurrence of the above symptoms may indicate varying degrees of readiness.

should be noted that the most objective is the harbinger of the approaching birth expectoration of mucous plugs.

withdrew the cork when labor begins?

Many are interested in this issue, and that it represents.The child in the womb is surrounded by amniotic fluid.To the latter was kept inside and not expired, a little tight closure of the cervix.Nature has provided everything.Provided thick secretion that fills the cavity of the output of the womb.Therefore, it is the consistency of a thick, jelly-like substrate.When the mucus plug coming off, virtually no obstacles to the outpouring of water and the beginning of labor.

Under the influence of the same estrogen the cervix becomes softer, it is shortened and smoothed, muscle tone and increases the so-called cork waste and remains one - wait for the delivery will begin.But absolutely foresee the day and time when this precursor is not always possible.

If the plug moved once, it is likely, the beginning of deliveries in the coming hours.Often, however, the mucous barrier departs parts.First, it is a small amount of translucent yellowish mucus, then streaked with brown.In the end, mucus mixed with fresh blood.The second scenario is more durable and can last for a week, sometimes two.Therefore, if the plug is moved, it is difficult to get a universal answer to the question: when to give birth?

What if moves mucus plug?

main thing - do not panic!You must call your gynecologist, tell what happened: explain how much mucus plug and moved to recall the date of birth.If he deems it necessary, invite to the reception, but more often in this case, recommended hospitalization in a hospital, where pregnant will be under the supervision of specialists around the clock, which at any moment will be able to help her.

When thick mucous secretions, need to collect a package of documents and things (if they are not collected).In the case where the plug moved simultaneously, childbirth can begin almost immediately, so you need to call an ambulance and put the essentials in your bag.To delay for a given scenario is not necessary, as the likely imminent discharge of water.

much easier multiparous women, because, once having passed all the stages of childbirth expectations and do not forget them ever.Pregnant mothers with each subsequent time more subtly feel all the changes in your body and can feel themselves approaching childbirth.