Follicle puncture IVF

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03 April 2016

Follicle puncture IVF - is one of the most important processes in in vitro fertilization.Many women are afraid of it and to postpone the decision to conceive a child for later.Avoid puncture can be used only if the egg donor.Wrong with this procedure do not, because it is carried out under local or even general anesthesia.We just need to choose a good professional to do it right and with favorable results.


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  1. What is the puncture of follicles
  2. How to prepare for the puncture eggs
  3. Preparation for IVF puncture
  4. Conduct puncture eggs
  5. Consequences of punctureECO

Follicle puncture IVF

What is the puncture of follicles

collection of eggs from the ovaries fine needle lasts 15-20 minutes, no more.Before that the doctor spends with the patient preparatory conversation, answer questions of interest to it.Defining mental attitude of women, an expert determines whether to apply the anesthesia.It is important to know how the puncture of IVF what its consequences to not

worry about nothing and monitor their condition after the procedure.

woman while taking hormones (hCG) to stimulate maturation of eggs.Additional ovarian stimulation - a serious burden to the body, so it is important that everything was done correctly the first time.The physician must collect as many eggs to increase the chance of getting a healthy embryo, which later will be able to settle down.

puncture IVF is done on the same day as the collection of the semen of men.One skilled in the fertilized egg enters the sperm (fertilization technique ICSI) or in vitro fertilization occurs (IVF).An embryo is created in the incubator and placed in the uterus.To the procedure is successful, it is important to adhere to all the recommendations of the attending physician.

How to prepare for the puncture eggs

advice of a doctor should adhere not only to women but also to men, because of the quality of sperm, too much depends.Follicle puncture IVF requires thorough preparation for several months prior to the procedure.

  • • Two months prior to the collection of ova and sperm of putting it is important not to hurt viral diseases, because the heat harms the quality of the materials.
  • • It is better not to take medication, which is not aware of the attending physician.
  • • In no case can not sit on diets, nutrition should be correct and complete.
  • • Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol are contraindicated about drugs is not worth reminding.
  • • Hot tub is not recommended to take in the sauna and bath walk is not necessary.
  • • One week prior to the puncture should abandon the intimate relations.
  • • caffeinated beverages should be excluded from the diet.
  • • Men can not wear too tight clothes.

Preparation for IVF

puncture Puncture egg IVF is taken before ovulation, when they grow to the desired size - it is a prerequisite.The night before, it is recommended to give up dinner in the morning to go to the procedure should be fasting can not drink the water.In the clinic, you need to empty the bladder and, if necessary, the intestines.

Using cosmetics is impossible, because it is necessary to comply with sterility.Jewellery dressing is not recommended to avoid being hurt during the procedure.Thus, the clinic does not bear responsibility for the safety of valuables, because a woman can be in a state of unconsciousness.If general anesthesia is used, the contact lenses doctors recommend leaving home.Puncture IVF taken in Handling office.The patient is seated on an examination table, treated with external genitalia.Ultrasound sensor puts on a condom and inserted into the vagina.

Conduct puncture egg follicles puncture

IVF reviews generally has a positive, so the procedure is not necessary to be afraid.Ultrasound probe collects ripe egg together with the liquid.The material collected is transferred to embryology, are engaged in a fertilized egg in the incubator.

Consequences of puncture IVF

every woman's body reacts differently to external interference.Follicle puncture IVF has very different reviews.Almost all women suffer from poor health after surgery, but this is normal.Dizziness, weakness, nausea, nagging pain in the abdomen, slight vaginal bleeding - are the consequences of a puncture.A woman should stay at least a couple of hours at the clinic under the supervision of doctors.Houses in the day can not be loaded themselves physically, nervous.

possible severe sharp pain, then the doctor will recommend to take antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory drugs.If during the day there is profuse bleeding, weakness, severe nausea, fever, decreased blood pressure, arrhythmia, loss of consciousness, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Puncture egg IVF does not cause serious consequences if complied with all recommendations of a specialist.It is also important to the proper conduct of the procedure, so you should pay due attention to the choice of the clinic.Artificial insemination in vitro carried out on the same day when the puncture was performed.Embryo quality specialist checks a couple of days, fit the embryos immediately transferred into the uterus.Two weeks later, a woman finds out the result.If it is negative, then reintroduced into the uterus of a frozen embryos.

Follicle puncture IVF - an important stage on the way to a dream.You should not be afraid of this procedure, a positive attitude affects the result, it must be remembered always.